A4 Run Away Challenge {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money Likes)
A4 Run Away Challenge {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money Likes)

A4 Run Away Challenge 1.64 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited Money Likes)

By The Toan - 19/05/2023 (9 months ago) - 119MB
Name A4 Run Away Challenge
Updated On 19/05/2023
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Fingers Yoda
Size 119MB
Version 1.64
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited Money Likes
Update 19/05/2023 (9 months ago )

Run away from the pursuers behind in A4 Run Away Challenge. What will you have to do to survive as long as possible? To prove his ability to survive. Start running and keep changing directions to get everyone behind. The content of the game takes place according to an interesting story. You are a charismatic and well-liked person. They are not afraid to express their feelings by chasing behind. Follow that and combine it with survival gameplay. Your mission is to find a way to survive the time. From there complete the mission and win. Get a chance to embark on a journey in a new location. Discover the exciting things that await ahead.

Download A4 Run Away Challenge – Run For Survival Before The Pursuits

The gameplay of the A4 Run Away Challenge is in the style of a survival race. But taking place under a completely new theme. Instead of running on challenging straight roads. Here you will run in a location with a combination of open gameplay. Can move freely to find a way to escape from those chasing behind. At the same time, many obstacles stand in the way, even causing the character to stop. Adopt a simple control mechanism used. Just navigate the movement, and the character will automatically run at the speed limit. Your target completes the required time to be able to finish a mission. From there, prove your skills and have the opportunity to continue to new challenges.Download A4 Run Away Challenge

Discover many new characters

Before coming to the adventure of A4 Run Away Challenge. You will be unlocked as a default character by the system. At the same time go through survival missions. There will be opportunities to discover many other characters. For example, Bnaa, Glen,… and many more will be learned in detail when participating. Each person is shaped in their own unique style. You can easily see through their interface and costumes. Moreover, the difference between each character is also evaluated in detail through the stats. Includes movement speed, flexibility, and vitality.

To be able to unlock a new character. It is necessary to collect symbolic items and accumulate a sufficient number. Each character will require a different number of icons. Unlocking to accompany a new character will help you feel more excited.Game A4 Run Away Challenge

Obstacles in many locations

Do you want to know how the process of running away from the pursuers goes? There are many different obstacles that appear scattered. Depending on the participating locations, there will be specific types of obstacles. They are the factors that prevent the character from escaping from others. Because the right collision will slow down the speed. Or will even stop completely if you don’t quickly change direction to continue running. However, you can also take advantage of obstacles. Run close to them to cause people behind to collide. Or create an impact between many people to destroy a large number of pursuers at the same time. From there will increase the kill score to be able to achieve excellent results.

There are many different places waiting to be discovered. For example, the town at night, the road in the vast desert, and the cold snowy area. Each location is designed with its own style of environment. Expressed through the landscape and shaping of the obstacles.Ear A4 Run Away Challenge

There are many support items

During the survival run in A4 Run Away Challenge. There will be a chance to collect gift boxes to unlock randomly. You can then get one of several different types of items. Includes skateboard, drone, heart icon, booster, and like icon. Each type of item will bring a unique ability. There are several types that will help you run better. For example, skateboards and boosters will increase speed for a certain amount of time. Or drones will fire bullets to attack and destroy the pursuers behind.A4 Run Away Challenge

MOD Feature of A4 Run Away Challenge

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Likes

Face a lot of pursuers behind in A4 Run Away Challenge. If you do not find a way to escape, you will be in danger. It even takes life before the race time is over. Accordingly, it is necessary to combine flexible running skills and take advantage of obstacles. Throughout the process, attention must also be paid to the heart. Characters have a maximum of 3 heart symbols. After each time a pursuer hits or hits an obstacle. Will lose a heart. Repeat this until there are no hearts left, which means loss of life.