AirAttack 2 1.5.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
AirAttack 2 1.5.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

AirAttack 2 1.5.7 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

By The Toan - 02/04/2024 (2 weeks ago) - 145MB
Name AirAttack 2 - Airplane Shooter
Updated On 02/04/2024
Requires Android 4.3
Publisher Colya
Size 145MB
Version 1.5.7
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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Update 02/04/2024 (2 weeks ago )

Are you ready to participate in the air battles? Challenge yourself in the game AirAttack 2 against enemy forces. Accordingly will become a pilot to control fighter aircraft. Attack enemy units in various locations. The goal is to shoot them all down so you can complete the mission. At the same time win to prove your skills. This game belongs to the genre of action combined with shooting elements. The content is built in the style of the second world war. Through it to fight the armies of the world powers. Besides, the game builds beautiful and realistic 3D graphics. Along with the exciting background music that takes place throughout the playing process.

Download AirAttack 2 MOD APK – Control Aircraft Attacking Enemy Army Forces

Continuation of the content of the previous version. This is the second part with many new features added. As well as improving old features to bring a better experience to players. Accordingly, the graphics are built more realistically than before. Recreate the dramatic combat environment of the air battles of World War II. Shown through the dusty atmosphere of bombs, along with the heavy destruction of constructions. Besides, the game’s sound effects are designed to be lively. Simulate the sound of aircraft operating in the sky, as well as the sound of guns when firing to attack. At the same time, the sound system is also flexibly changed to suit each situation.AirAttack 2 MOD

Follow the campaign

Become a pilot to carry out missions in campaign mode. Through 22 level-based missions are played out. At each mission unfolds a dramatic air battle. Along with that will have to fulfill 3 different requirements specifically given. Accordingly, you will have to fight against enemy forces without support from anyone. At the same time must find a way to complete the assigned requirements. After the end of the battle, based on the achievement achieved to prove the skill. At the same time, receive corresponding rewards to use in activities. Then you can continue the quest with new challenges waiting ahead.Game AirAttack 2 MOD

Diverse quest system

Experiencing the battles in the game AirAttack 2. Will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Including dropping bombs on 15 buildings, destroying 35 vehicles, and destroying all aircraft. Destroy 10 planes, shoot down 15 signal lights and kill 50% of enemies with guns. Or get 8000 achievement points, destroy 6 jets, and destroy 20 constructions. Moreover, it is also necessary to ensure that the remaining health after the end of the battle is 80% or more. At the same time ensure that all enemy forces are completely destroyed. There are many other missions that will open every time a new match comes. The challenge has also increased since then with the conditions set out more difficult than before.Ear AirAttack 2 MOD

Achievements and rewards

Achievements in each battle level are represented by the number of stars. Based on the successful completion of the mission, if you complete all of them, you will get a maximum of 3 stars. On the contrary, the number of stars will decrease if it is not possible to complete the assigned task. At the same time, the rewards received after that will be based on different achievements. Judging by items such as coins earned, silver ingot collection, stars collected, enemies destroyed as a percentage, and achievement points.

There are 6 planes and many weapons

There are a total of 6 different aircraft provided by the system. Typical are the F40-Corsair, Spitfire, P38-Lightning, Yak, and P40-Tigershark. Each aircraft is uniquely designed, reflected in its shape, style, and combat capabilities. They are also equipped with a variety of devices. Upgrades can be made to enhance abilities. Includes guns, bombs, missiles, target missiles, attack ranges, and support weapons. Besides, it is also possible to equip many types of weapons to change the attack mechanism of the aircraft. For example flamethrowers, lasers, rockets and more are waiting for you to discover.Download AirAttack 2 MOD

The course of the battles in AirAttack 2. You will have to fight many different forces. Not just enemy jets and helicopters. But also to shoot down defense systems on the ground. For example tanks, rocket launchers, and other units. Furthermore, it has to resist the defensive devices placed on the buildings. They can attack aircraft systems in the sky. Besides, sometimes also have to face the attack from the boss. These are some of the vehicles of large size and possessing firepower systems capable of fierce attacks.