6.10.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins] 6.10.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins] 6.10.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins]

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Have you ever experienced the water slide game at the park? Inspired by that theme, the publisher built the game This is a game in the racing category, opened into gameplay. With fun and a mix of competition. You will have to race against other opponents on complicated and zigzag pipes. The goal is to be the first to jump into the water. Synonymously reach the finish line on the progress scale to complete the task. Accordingly, through the water slide race. There will be opportunities to explore many different locations. Along with the challenge full of difficulty will increase day by day. But at the same time, there are interesting things waiting ahead. With fun competition between stickman characters. MOD APK – Athletes’ Pipe Sliding Competition

Follow the water slide racing theme of the game You will be accompanied by a stickman character. As soon as the competition starts, the athletes will slide on the water pipes. With a long and zigzag-designed slope down. From there, it will increase the risk when sliding at high speed. According to the rules of the game classify winners and losers. Which athlete finishes with the lead? Successfully sliding all the water pipes and doing somersaults to continue to the water will win. To become a top-performing athlete. Win over your opponents in a water slide race. You need to overcome them to become the leader on the

Quests by level, getting harder and harder

The challenge in is built according to the gameplay of each level. Each water slide competition corresponds to a level of play. Compete with other athletes to sort out the winners and losers. After becoming the athlete to finish at the top of the list. From there will win to continue to participate in new levels. The difficulty will increase gradually with each contest. Different elements will change to increase the challenge. The water pipe is designed more complicated and zigzag than before. Until the competition of rivals is getting more and more superior. Improved slide racing skills will make you difficult. You will even lose if you lose focus or are not careful.Game

Various locations

From the competitions in There will be opportunities to explore many different skating locations. Go through each level in turn and complete the mission. When reaching a certain stage will be unlocked by the system. From there will enter a new location. That difference is reflected in the surrounding environment. Examples are environments at sea, in ancient deserts, in parks, and on the outskirts of cities. There are other places to be discovered later. Each environment of a location is designed in its own style. Show through the plumbing to slide racing. Along with the destination is recreated by the water continues down.Tai

Shorten the water slide race

The process of performing the racing task at When competing with other athletes. You can take advantage of the design of the slide to shorten the slide. Through the speed of sliding down fast, it is possible to glide over the wall of the water pipe. From there will fly into the air and navigate to continue down to the next slide. But it is necessary to make sure the descending is correct and safe. If you deviate from the slide, you will lose your life. This means creating opportunities for other athletes to overcome. Make you lose your chance to win. Besides, after each time shorten the distance and continue down safely. Will get more gold coins.

Unlock athletes and equipment

Lots of different water skiers are provided by But need to use accumulated gold coins to unlock. For example, the boy learns to swim in different styles. The color of swimwear and glasses can be customized. Moreover, it is also equipped with a hat to increase its prominence. For example, the boy has a yellow body color, wears red pants, and wears a crown. There are many other athletes like the dairy cow or even spiderman. Besides, you can also use the money to unlock items when flying in the air. To shorten the distance of the water slide from the final destination.Download

Modified MOD information of

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • no ads

The water slide competition takes place at Your opponents have the same abilities as you. They can also glide over the wall of the pipe to fly up and shorten the race. Or will slide down at a faster rate than you. To be able to win will have to use a little trickery. Through actively colliding with the opponent when about to pass you. From there, knock it out of the water slide to reduce the number of competitors. At the same time increase the win rate higher.

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