2.8.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gems, Remove Ads] 2.8.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gems, Remove Ads] 2.8.6 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gems, Remove Ads]

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DOWNLOAD NOW (90MB) opens up ax-throwing-style action battles. Here you will play the role of a hero armed with weapons. Then join the real-time competition. The goal is to defeat many enemies and level up for a chance to rise to the leaderboard. From there, prove your skills with your achievement points. This game can choose from two different action mechanics. Battle offline to compete with other AI-driven opponents. Or survive online with real players, and compete with them in the arena for the ranking position. Besides, it is a combination of graphics with vivid image quality. With a unique simulated sound system. MOD APK – Throw Weapons To Attack Survival Game

The io wars in the game are played in an open-ended way. On a large arena with the participation of many different characters. They use their own weapons to perform offensive actions. Accordingly, each person is a faction, without allies and support from anyone. You are no exception, will have to use weapons equipped to compete with opponents. By throwing weapons to attack from a distance to deal damage. The goal is to kill enemies to increase kills, as well as increase rankings on the leaderboard. As real-time plays out, the match will end after you lose your life. Based on the achieved achievements will receive gold coins with the corresponding MOD

Activities that took place during the war

The process of the battle on the large arena. There are many activities that revolve around the competition between the characters. Accordingly, it is possible to collect purple crystals that appear scattered in the arena. From there, increase the experience points so that when accumulated enough will increase to a new level. Or through the act of killing the enemy, from which will receive a greater number of experience points. Besides, achievement points will constantly increase after each time you collect crystals or defeat an opponent. From there will help you rise to a higher position on the leaderboard.

The character’s life is represented by the heart symbol. Each time you are hit with a weapon, you will lose a heart. Losing your entire heart means losing your life and ending the war. Besides, every time you increase to a new level, you will receive an extra heart. Thereby increasing the possibility of higher survivability in the arena.Game MOD

Enhanced powers

After each level up a new level in the game You will be given 3 random power-ups by the system. Can choose 1 of 3 to enhance the character’s fighting ability. Depending on your own situation, it is necessary to choose a suitable skill to be more effective to continue fighting. For example, healing, throwing speed increase, new fire mode, increased throw distance. Increases movement speed, weapon splashes after hitting a wall, and additional weapon support. There are many other skills that will be unlocked after reaching higher levels. Over time, the higher the level, the more superior the character’s fighting ability will be.Download MOD

More than 40 types of weapons

There are different types of weapons offered by the game. According to the information in the introduction, the game currently has more than 40 different weapons. Typical axes, darts, swords, knives and more. Each weapon is designed with its own shape and color. The difference between them is also reflected in the throwing effect. Accordingly, to own a new weapon, you need to reach the corresponding level.

More than 20 characters

In the game, there are more than 20 characters for you to discover. Each character is uniquely shaped. The difference will be shown in appearance, appearance, hairstyle, and outfit. Examples include kings, ninjas, witches, knights, vampires and many more. Besides, each character also has its own fighting skills. You can find out more in the game’s character collection. Accordingly, to be able to unlock new characters, you will have to use gold coins. Each character will require different amounts of MOD

Currently has two modes, including death and survival. In each mode opens matches according to its own play style. Come to the death battle mode to compete with many other opponents. No time limit can freely fight your way. The match will last until the death of a life. In addition, coming to survival mode takes place for up to 2 minutes in countdown. The characters use weapons to compete with each other. The goal is to find the last survivor to win and become the champion.

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Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Size 90MB
New version 2.8.6
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Gems, Remove Ads
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