Beam of Magic MOD APK 1.27.1 (Menu, Unlimited money gems diamond)
Beam of Magic MOD APK 1.27.1 (Menu, Unlimited money gems diamond)

Hack Beam of Magic MOD APK 1.27.1 (Menu, Unlimited money gems diamond)

By HN - 15/05/2023
Name Beam of Magic
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Zillion Whales
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money gems diamond
Size 139MB
Version 1.27.1
Category Casual
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 15/05/2023 (3 weeks ago )

Get ready for an action-packed, RPG-style battle. Set in a fantasy world powered by the Beam of Magic. Unleash dramatic battles to explore. As well as surviving the deadly dangers. It will cost you your life if you make many mistakes. This game is played in many different modes. Online multiplayer battles in dungeons. Or fight enemies in open-world locations. Accordingly, there will be opportunities to find many valuable resources. Can be used to unlock and upgrade. The goal is constantly evolving to increase strength. Become a hero possessing outstanding combat ability. Can overcome all challenges in the journey of survival.

Download Beam of Magic – Adventure To Survive Monsters

Play as a hero to enter the adventure of Beam of Magic. At first, you are a mage, using the staff to attack with magical power. The quest to explore a vast world with many different locations. According to the open gameplay can freely move to perform offensive actions. Also, combine and select one of three skills randomly after each new level up. Thereby helping you improve your fighting ability to become more and more superior. Can learn about dangerous lands. Explore dungeons filled with monsters. Or search for resources from many open areas.Beam of Magic

Offline mode

According to the plot of Beam of Magic is played in offline mode. You will not have any support from your teammates. Will have to fight alone with crowds of enemies. Those are monsters that appear everywhere on the way to exploring the world. They attack in different styles. There is no choice but to fight. Only after defeating the monster can you protect yourself. Survive in the harsh environment and continue the journey of discovery. Accordingly, using martial arts to attack with magic. Deals damage to monsters from a distance and causes them to lose their health. After defeating will receive experience points. Will increase to a higher level when accumulated enough and learned new skills. There is also the opportunity to collect resources.Game Beam of Magic

PvE mode and PvP competition

A beam of Magic also has 2 other modes for you to participate in. Includes PvE mode and PvP mode. Each mode opens up a survival gameplay according to its own content. Still revolves around the theme of fighting to survive. But the rules and duties have been changed. Come to PvE mode to be able to invite friends to support you. Together on a mission to fight dangerous enemies. Aim to overcome tough challenges in multiple locations. With the appearance of scary monsters and bosses. Besides, PvP mode with the participation of many players in the world. They will fight each other to show their strength. The goal is to beat the opponent and win. From there, prove your survival skills and have the opportunity to take them to the next level.Ear Beam of Magic

Many dangers, against bosses

The process of exploring the world in the game Beam of Magic. There will be many different dangers to face. It’s not just monsters that will attack when you move into their active area. Or against other players in competitive matches. But sometimes you have to fight the boss when you reach a certain stage. Boss possesses great strength, health, and defense. The abilities were far superior to those of ordinary monsters. Puts you in danger and can be defeated if you don’t fight back. At this point, it will be necessary to combine the strength of the hero. Along with flexible skills to dodge attacks. Also quickly take actions to deal damage.Download Beam of Magic

MOD Feature of Beam of Magic

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited diamond

Heroes in Beam of Magic can equip many different items. Includes weapons, armor, rings, necklaces, and more. Each type of equipment has many options. After using will enhance combat ability. It is possible to increase the survival rate higher during the survival adventure. However, it should be noted that each piece of equipment will increase its own stats. For example, weapons will improve damage to increase attack power. Armor increases defense to be able to withstand attacks from enemies. Besides, after each level-up. You will be selected to enhance your abilities. For example, increased attack speed, and attack rate, as well as greater damage. There are many other powers that will be randomly learned after each level.

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