Blob Runner 3D 6.5.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Diamonds]
Blob Runner 3D 6.5.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Diamonds]

Blob Runner 3D 6.5.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money Diamonds]

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Control the substance by running forward to avoid obstacles. Accordingly, you will enjoy the fun gameplay that the Blob Runner 3D game brings. With the design of bright graphics to recreate the challenging journey. The goal is to create a giant slime figure with limbs. Aim for the finish line on the ultimate road to excellence. This game is experienced in offline mode. That will make it possible for you to join the game anytime, anywhere. Enjoy fun entertainment in your spare time. With a combination of bright graphics, and sharp image quality. Along with the design environment in a space with a vivid color system.

Description about Blob Runner 3D MOD APK – Collect Jelly Blocks To Create Slime Characters Enough

Blob Runner 3D builds racing gameplay for growth, in order to create a slime character with enough limbs. Accordingly, the task of each level is opened, challenging your skills. When participating will have to start with a small jelly block. Will have to collect jelly blocks on the way to fuse into a giant slime. At the same time dodge the obstacles to reach the finish line. Then will complete the task of a level of play. Through your achievements gained during the run. From there, the system will provide a corresponding reward. Continue the journey with new challenges to enjoy. Promises to bring you a fun journey.Blob Runner 3D

Challenges get harder after each level

For games that build gameplay in each level. The difficulty will increase after starting a new quest. Blob Runner 3D game is no exception. After overcoming challenges in a journey. Keep entering new levels to participate in the slime growth run. You will face many changing factors to increase the difficulty. Not only the running distance will be longer than before. Make the slime take longer to make. And the number of obstacles also increased. They appear scattered across the road, making it difficult for you to create a giant slime with enough limbs. However, the rewards received after the difficulty levels will be increased even more.Game Blob Runner 3D

The ability of slime

According to the rules of the game Blob, Runner 3D is designed. The slime is created by jelly blocks. When collected to accumulate will create a slime character with enough limbs of many sizes. But if you encounter obstacles or pitfalls on the way. That will cause some of the slime to be lost. Reduce the size until it becomes a jelly. But it is still possible to grow again after collecting them on the run. Especially in any shape, the slime can automatically move forward. Only when all the limbs are lost, there is not a single mass of jelly left. That will bring the race to an end. Meaning the mission failed and had to start the journey again.Ear Blob Runner 3D

Collect the red stones

The process of controlling slime running on the road at Blob Runner 3D. It is necessary to collect the red stones that appear along the running route. This is the main currency used in the game. Can be used to unlock certain things and upgrade slime. Through the execution of transactions. To collect Redstone needs to move accurately. Try not to miss any stones to accumulate large numbers. Moreover, you can increase your Redstone many times by achieving excellent results. By creating a large-sized slime character. Then proceed to the finish line to take advantage of the spring and jump up the frame in the air.

Dodge the obstacles

In addition to collecting red stones in Blob Runner 3D. Also, have to avoid obstacles. Those are dangerous traps that will cause slime characters to be reduced in size. Examples include moving saw blades, barriers, auto-rotating spikes, and much more. Similar to red stones, obstacles appear at various locations along the way. Each type will have its own way to overcome. Combine your observations on the road ahead. Move flexibly and handle situations to dodge. Or choose a suitable location if it is necessary to collide with obstacles.Download Blob Runner 3D

In the current version of the game Blob Runner 3D. The publisher has provided an additional feature to customize the slime color. Accordingly, you can choose to create shapes in many different colors. For example green, red and yellow. Each color is designed in a cool style. Also, use the Redstone earned from the race. From there, it is possible to equip additional items for slime characters. Unlocking the hat to increase the prominence of the appearance, become more impressive.

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Name ID Blob Runner 3D
Updated On 26/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Zynga
Size 80MB
New version 6.5.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money Diamonds
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