Bus Rush 1.24.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Bus Rush 1.24.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Bus Rush 1.24.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Run away from gorillas in the Bus Rush game. This is a racing-themed game. From a beginning story about a gorilla’s pursuit. After successfully destroying the iron cage that is being held in captivity. You have become the target for the gorilla to chase. There is no better choice but to run away. Get ready to enter the endless race with no destination. The mission is to overcome obstacles and conquer pitfalls. Try to achieve excellent results, surpassing your own scores before. Also, prove your skills during the race. Over time there will be opportunities to discover many new characters. As well as using various tools and items. Also, unlock the beautiful skins of each character.

Bus Rush MOD APK – Endless Racing Style Adventure

The content of Bus Rush revolves around the endless race. Role-play as a character in the game to start the adventure. Your mission is to overcome all the challenges on the road. Achievements are expressed through scores. Based on the distance run, the score will constantly increase. Each race lasts until the character collides with a trap. Or get caught by the gorilla chasing behind. From there, the journey will end with the achievement achieved based on the running distance. After that, you will receive a reward consisting of the collected gold coins. Can go on a new adventure to start over.Bus Rush

Explore places

The process of racing at Bus Rush. There will be opportunities to explore many different locations. They are changed by a certain distance. With scenarios taking place from within the city, move on to the subway, in the woods, and on the beach. Each location is reinterpreted with impressive landscapes and surroundings. Along with that are various dangerous pitfalls that appear. Based on each location running on the road, the obstacles will be changed. To be able to find out the details of the challenges in each location. Requires your skills to run as far as possible.Tai Bus Rush


Accompany the character in the endless race of Bus Rush. Will face a lot of obstacles. They are trains, and subway trains moving on tracks. Warning signs, fences, voids, passenger cars. There are many other dangerous traps that will appear after going through a long distance. Each trap will have different ways of avoiding it. Based on the actions that the character can perform on the road. Includes jumping up, sliding over, turn left and right. Accordingly, flexibly combining control skills, along with observation. From there, overcome dangerous obstacles to continue running forward.

There are 10 characters

Coming to Bus Rush , you can role-play into 10 different characters. But it is necessary to be aware of each character. In addition to a boy, the system unlocks for free when he first starts playing. The rest of the characters will have to use the bonus to buy. Each one is designed with an impressive appearance. Expressed through fashion style with clothes worn by people. The same action is done very funnily. For example some characters like Zoey, Katie, Roy, Darry, and others. Option to unlock a character you love. Then you can buy unique skins. Change your appearance and appearance so that you can stand out more.Download Bus Rush

Using tools

From racing adventure in Bus Rush. Characters can use many different tools. Each type will bring a unique ability. Includes skateboard, high jump shoes, magnets, and speed-up items. The difference between the tools is shown in the way they work. For example, the skateboard will increase speed to glide faster. Can especially save a life when hitting a trap. The shoe can jump higher and farther, easily jumping over a coach and ships. The speed increase item will improve the character’s ability to run faster than before. Finally, the magnet with the advantage of attracting an entire amount of gold coins. But it should be noted, the tools can only be used for a certain period of time. Need to upgrade to increase the time of use.Game Bus Rush

Throughout the race appeared gold coins. It is necessary to collect to accumulate as much as possible. Because this is the money used to trade in Bus Rush. So watch and run accurately so as not to miss. Incorporate tool use during the run. From there will accumulate a large amount of money after the race ends. Besides, at a certain place on the road. There is also a chance to find a gift box, which when opened will receive a valuable random reward.

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Name ID Bus Rush
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Play365
Size 74MB
New version 1.24.2
MOD Info Unlimited money
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 week ago )