Car Stunt Races 3.3.2 APK MOD [Unlocked, Huge Amount Of Money]

Car Stunt Races 3.3.2 APK MOD [Unlocked, Huge Amount Of Money]

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Car Stunt Races 3.3.2 APK MOD [Unlocked, Huge Amount Of Money]

Based on racing games on Google Play. Car Stunt Races is one of the racing game genres that integrates many themes. Open up different challenges to take on. You will test your skills over the course of the game. This game is designed to simulate realistic physics. Recreate crash scenes, explosions, drifts, jumps, and more. Especially can play in free mode or participate in challenges. From there, perform adventurous parkour-style driving. To increase the experience for all players. Thematic races will offer different conditions. Along with a diverse vehicle system for you to explore. Divided into several segments.

Car Stunt Races MOD APK – Race Cars Take Challenges According to Required Conditions

Become a car racer in the game Car Stunt Races. Perform missions according to different challenges. Follow the intuitively designed driving mechanism. Make it easy for all players to get used to and use. You will navigate the vehicle by tapping the left and right arrow keys. To speed up movement or slow down and stop. Just use the two icons of the brake and gas pedals to perform. Even more interesting, driving can also change the camera view. With many different viewing angles, bring unique driving experiences. Includes a first-person view from the driver’s seat and a third-person view from the rear. There are some other perspectives that will be explored in detail when participating.Car Stunt Races

Free driving mode

Test your skills in free driving mode at Car Stunt Races. Open races in different series. Each series is divided into many themed races, taking place at each level. Accordingly, you need to collect enough tickets in each level to be able to come to the new challenge. At the same time, each race will be evaluated by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Based on the number of stars achieved, each star corresponds to a ticket in a race theme. After accumulating a sufficient number of stars according to specific conditions, the new series will be unlocked by the system.

Every time comes to a race in the new theme. Or enter the races in the next series. The difficulty will increase during the quest. With a longer distance traveled from the starting line to the destination. As well as the environment and terrain change, making you encounter many obstacles when driving.Game Car Stunt Races

Racing themes

From the series in the game Car Stunt Races. Open races on many different themes. Includes real-time racing, explosions, and testing. There are many other themes that will be unlocked one after another after coming to new challenges. Each topic has its own rules, which must be followed when participating. With specific conditions that need to be fulfilled in order to achieve excellence. For example in a real-time race, give a specific time. Requires you to drive to the finish line within the time limit to complete the mission. Or the race causes the explosion, the need to accelerate the car and rush over the launcher. Direct impact on kerosene tanks to cause the biggest explosion possible.Tai Car Stunt Races

Many vehicles use

The vehicle system of Car Stunt Races is very diverse. Divided into many segments with different racing cars. Includes car models manufactured by famous brands in the world. For example BMW, Porsche, Audi,… and many more. From ordinary cars to super sports cars, and luxury cars. Lots of templates for you to choose from. The difference between them is not only reflected in the design. It is also evaluated in detail through the parameters. Includes top speed, acceleration, control, and top speed. Moreover, after owning a favorite car. You can customize the supplied parts to change the look of your vehicle.Download Car Stunt Races

Spend some time driving in Car Stunt Races. Are you ready for challenging races? Here open roads are designed with rugged terrain. Turns and turns are recreated in different ways. Along with dangerous hilly conditions to create a challenge. From there test your driving skills on the move. Drive the vehicle over the terrain and continuously accelerate forward. It can be combined with adventurous drifting techniques to drift through turns at high speed. Or perform a parkour drive through the launcher that appears on the road.

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Name ID Car Stunt Races
Updated On 21/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher AxesInMotion Racing
Size 105MB
New version 3.3.2
MOD Info Unlocked VIP, Unlimited Money, No ADS
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Update 21/06/2024 (4 weeks ago )