Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D 2.18.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Add Gloves Booster]
Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D 2.18.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Add Gloves Booster]

Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D 2.18.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money, Add Gloves Booster]

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Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D is a racing-themed game, but is in the action game category. Because the game content revolves around PvP battles between vehicles. Aim to eliminate opponents to find the last surviving vehicle. Accordingly, you will become a racer and control your car. Ready to head to the scene of dramatic competition. Find a way to eliminate the opponent to win the final victory. To increase the experience, bring more exciting action racing gameplay. There will be a chance to enjoy the special features provided by the publisher. Race on the hexagonal arena in the ocean. Vehicle tracks will cause the hexagons to disappear. Moreover, it is possible to equip weapons for racing cars.

Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D MOD APK – PvP Drift Action Race

Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D game opens up action races on a hexagonal arena. The place where the competition between racers takes place. With a combination of PvP drift gameplay based on 3D physics. Riders will have to eliminate each other to compete for the ranking position on the leaderboard. According to the disappearing mechanism of the hexagons when there is a track of the wheel rolling over and drifting. Creates a gap that will cause other vehicles to fall into the ocean if they go into the old car’s tracks. This will challenge the skill and observation of the racers. Just one wrong turn will cause the vehicle to be removed from the arena. But over time, the hexagons will be raised to the surface to be able to continue moving.Cars Arena- Fast Race 3D

Drift and jump mechanism

How does the vehicle in Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D work? Based on finger touch control mechanism to drive. You can perform the drift technique to drift on the hexagonal tiles of the arena. To be able to control the vehicle will require skills accumulated over time. Because the vehicle can also slip out of the arena and splash into the sea if not careful.

Do you know how to get vehicles out of the gap left by competitors? Accordingly, it is necessary to observe and choose the appropriate time. Quickly tap the screen for the racing car to jump and fly over. But note that you can only jump over a certain distance. Not only that, take advantage of the vehicle’s special abilities. You can also fly over opponents to perform elimination actions and dodge attacks in the arena.Game Cars Arena- Fast Race 3D

Attack with weapons

Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D is more than just an ordinary elimination race. It is also an attack action game. Because each racing car in the game can be equipped with weapons. For example rockets, boxing gloves,… and much more. Each weapon will create its own special ability. Gives racing cars an advantage when directly impacting or from a distance. For example, launching an unidentified missile. But if any vehicle is accidentally hit, it will lose control, because it is thrown away. Or the boxing gloves will rotate automatically around the car. When directly impacting the opponent’s racing car will cause them to fly away and lose control.

Impact in the arena will not cause damage to your race car and your opponent’s vehicles. But will lose control, because will be thrown a certain distance. This will cause the vehicle to fall into the hexagonal void or be thrown out of the arena. From there will be eliminated and lose the chance to win.Tai Cars Arena- Fast Race 3D

Unlock multiple vehicles

There are different vehicles in Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D. To be able to unlock them will need to complete the required level. Or accumulate bonuses after action races. From the game’s store can choose to buy your favorite cars. For example, sports racing cars, four-door sedans, classic cars, convertibles, passenger cars,… and many more. Each vehicle is designed in its own style. The difference between them is reflected in the bodywork, paint color, and the unique design of the front end. At the same time, they possess different operating capabilities.Download Cars Arena- Fast Race 3D

The game Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D uses 3D graphics. Based on the combination of drift mechanics in the hexagonal arena. Set on an island in the cold ocean. Designed environment and landscape with bright colors. Especially the color transition effect between the hexagons on the arena is very vivid. When the vehicle drifts over, it will change from white to red. At the same time, those hexagons will disappear and create a space for the sea. Not stopping there, from missile attacks. The explosive effect created will increase the excitement for the racers.

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Name ID Cars Arena: Fast Race 3D
Updated On 14/06/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Ararat Games
Size 50MB
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New version 2.18.1
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Money, Add Gloves Booster
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