Catch And Shoot MOD APK 1.10 (Unlimited Coins, No Ads)
Catch And Shoot MOD APK 1.10 (Unlimited Coins, No Ads)

Hack Catch And Shoot MOD APK 1.10 (Unlimited Coins, No Ads)

By HN - 05/03/2023
Name Catch And Shoot
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher VOODOO
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, No Ads
Size 57MB
Version 1.10
Category Sport
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 05/03/2023 (3 months ago )

Referring to the games of the publisher Voodoo. Will make every player remember the entertaining games. With fun gameplay, inspired by many different themes. Join the Catch And Shoot game with a sports theme. Inspired by American football. Rotate around throwing activities to pass the ball to teammates. Avoid the interception of large numbers of enemies. This game is designed for offline mode. Completely free to join, with addictive gameplay. Easy to experience immediately on mobile download. A series of interesting challenges and tasks are waiting ahead. The control mechanism could not be simpler. A single touch can make a rugby pass.

Download Catch And Shoot – Pass the Ball To Teammates To Avoid Enemy Obstruction

The sports game Catch And Shoot has fairly simple gameplay. Interesting challenges will be held at each level. Your task is to accompany the characters to perform the action of throwing the ball. The target is transmitted to an ally from a distance, waiting for the opposite side. Then continue to pass the ball until the last teammate gets it and runs to the finish line. Achievement will be shown by a scoring coefficient from 1 to 5. Through throwing the ball to touch the moving score coefficients. Complete a challenge to finish the mission on a level. Will continue to step into new levels, with increasing difficulty. Will have to make many passes to teammates. At the same time, there will be more obstacles and a number of enemies blocking the ball.Catch And Shoot

Gameplay, tasks to perform

The process of the mission in each game level of Catch And Shoot. Each pitcher can only move a limited distance. At the same time will have to face each wave of enemy attacks. Their purpose is to accurately catch the rugby pass. Prevents you from passing the ball to a teammate’s position. At the same time, that process will have many dangerous obstacles. They appear sporadically in several locations. If you accidentally throw the ball into an obstacle, the mission will fail. Or even if the throw misses, making it impossible for teammates to catch the ball. You will have to replay that level until it’s done. Pass each challenge, in turn, to pass the ball to the last teammate. Quickly run to the finish line and throw the ball with the highest coefficient. Will complete the task excellently.Game Catch And Shoot

Diverse environment, collect gold coins

Go through the levels in the game Catch And Shoot. You will be exploring many different environments. They are designed to follow a path in the sky. For example, on the roofs of high-rise buildings, in the clouds with the surrounding context of blurred roofs. Completing each challenge in turn will unlock many new environments. In parallel with that, no matter what environment the game participates in. It is necessary to perform another very important task. It is collect the gold coins. They appear in large numbers in rows on the throw of the rugby ball. You need to be observant to throw accurately, and at the same time make sure your teammates catch it. From there will collect a large amount of money. As well as conquering difficulties to complete the mission.Tai Catch And Shoot

Various characters

Explore the diverse character system in Catch And Shoot. They are all pitchers, with their own style. For example, a guy wearing a white shirt outfit, an obese man, or a schoolboy. Or the athlete, the boy in the banana costume. The difference between the characters is not only shown in appearance. But also through actions and body colors. However, it is not possible to choose for free to become favorite characters. Instead will have to complete certain levels of play. When reaching a stage will be unlocked. Pass the level requirement and have enough coins to make the trade. Accompanying a new character will help you feel more excited to take on new levels.Download Catch And Shoot

In addition to the rugby ball used in the early stages of Catch And Shoot. There are many other tools you can throw. For example, Captain America’s shield and the rugby ball have more vivid colors. Thor’s Thunder Hammer, there are several others waiting to be discovered. Each tool is uniquely designed. That difference is also reflected in color. Similar to unlocking new characters. The tools also need to use the money to buy. Through the money accumulated from completed levels. From there will buy many different types of tools to use.

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