Count Masters 2.1.10 APK MOD [Free upgrade, No ads, All Skin Unlock, Custom Human Count, Many Currency]
Count Masters 2.1.10 APK MOD [Free upgrade, No ads, All Skin Unlock, Custom Human Count, Many Currency]

Count Masters 2.1.10 APK MOD [Free upgrade, No ads, All Skin Unlock, Custom Human Count, Many Currency]

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Count Masters is a game in the category of action games. Built-in racing-style gameplay. Incorporate crowd-enhancing factors. With a theme designed in the form of a stickman. The content revolves around stickman warriors. There will be a quest to attack the castle to take it. Simultaneously against crowds of opponents on the street. This game is graphically simulated in stickman-style 3D. With interesting features provided by the system. Using basic calculations, shown through the gate has its own characteristic color. Help the number of crowds to be increased through various numerical calculations. Along with a simple control mechanism. Just tap and swipe on the screen to control the crowd.

Description about Count Masters MOD APK – Lead the Stickman Crowd Defeat the Boss To Take The Castle

Count Masters game opens up interesting gameplay. Join to be the crowd leader. Your mission is to lead stickman warriors to move on the streets. Overcome obstacles and traps. Simultaneously attack and defeat the mobs that stand in the way. Fight the stickman boss in the final battle. The goal is to capture the castle so that a large number of bonuses can be collected. The above content will be taken according to a journey. Each mission unfolds, requiring your control to lead the stickman crowd. In order to create a large number to achieve high efficiency during combat.Count Masters

Quests by level

Count Masters game builds an interesting quest system. It plays out each level in ascending order. Each level unfolds on a racing track. Lead the stickman character through dangerous traps. Also, move through the calculation portals to increase the number. Create crowds in large numbers to attack enemy troops in the way. Defeat the boss in the final battle of the quest. After that, the remaining stickman warriors will move into a cannon. They will attack the castle, taking it by destroying it all. That will complete the mission and end a level.Game Count Masters

Difficult challenge

Continue the new quest after completing a level of Count Masters. The difficulty will increase with more difficult challenges. Expressed through various elements on the move. Including the calculation, the gate will change the number, easy to cause confusion. As well as a larger crowd than before. Or appear many obstacles, which can take the lives of stickman warriors. Making it difficult for them to defeat the boss and destroy the castle in the final battle. But that’s what makes it fun to join. Challenge your skills to find a way to overcome difficulties.Tai Count Masters

The Gate of Calculation

On the race track in Count Masters. The gates are shown through calculations. They are divided into two distinct colors. Each color will correspond to increasing the number and decreasing the crowd through observing the race track ahead. You will see a blue gate that includes addition and multiplication. Or the red gate will show the number of subtraction and division. Each gate encountered on the way will display a different number. You need to combine remote observation. Then quickly calculate to choose the right gate. Aim to increase the number of stickman mobs as much as possible. Or just get reduced with the least amount of warriors.

Pitfalls and crowds get in the way

Beyond the calculus portal in Count Masters. There are also many dangerous traps to face. It is the obstacles that will make your crowd count down. Examples include circular saw blades, auto-rotating spike columns, and much more. Each block will have its own way of operating. It is necessary to dodge accurately to limit the number of stickman drops as little as possible. In addition, the crowds stood in the way. They appear in large numbers. In order to be defeated, your crowd must be larger. Attack directly, overwhelm the enemy, and win. For example, a crowd led by you with 90 stickman warriors. The enemy side is fewer, namely 40 people. After defeating them, you will be left with 50 warriors to continue your journey.Download Count Masters

Modified MOD information of Count Masters

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of diamond
  • no ads

Gold coins are rewards received after completing the levels of Count Masters. Completing each task in turn will accumulate a large amount. Can be used to upgrade your mob. Through two possibilities including start unis and income. Accordingly, starting when upgraded will increase the number of stickman warriors that start right at the start. Income is the stat that increases the bonus after finishing a level. When upgrading will help you get more bonuses.

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Name ID Count Masters
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Freeplay Inc
Size 77MB
New version 2.1.10
MOD Info Free upgrade, No ads, All Skin Unlock, Custom Human Count, Many Currency
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Update 09/05/2024 (3 weeks ago )