Counter Terrorist: CS Offline 1.1.6 APK MOD [Enemy Doesn’t Attack]

Counter Terrorist: CS Offline 1.1.6 APK MOD [Enemy Doesn’t Attack]

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Counter Terrorist: CS Offline 1.1.6 APK MOD [Enemy Doesn’t Attack]

Perform shooting missions in the game Counter Terrorist: CS Offline. Follow the action gameplay with role-playing elements. You will become a gunman to fight against terrorist forces. From a first-person perspective to use equipped weapons, attack terrorists in various environments. The goal is to shoot down all to win, thereby completing the assigned task. This game belongs to the FPS commando shooting genre. Built-in a classic setting in many different locations. Along with that is the combination of 3D graphics to recreate the realism in the fighting process. Besides, there are many other interesting features waiting for you to discover. Promising to bring top-notch shooting matches.

Counter Terrorist: CS Offline MOD APK – Shooting War Against Terrorists

To bring an intuitive control mechanism to every player after joining. Developer Combine. inc has built-in depth controls. Simulate features such as moving, shooting, and using assistive devices in a unique way. Along with that is the right arrangement for easy familiarization and convenient use during combat. For example, use the joystick virtual mechanism in the left corner of the screen to move on the battlefield. The bullet icon combo is shown, just tap to pull the trigger and attack. It also supports radar to observe your current location, as well as the appearance of enemies in many different locations. Besides, it is also possible to perform a series of other actions, which are represented by characteristic icons.Counter Terrorist- CS Offline MOD

Shooting missions by level

Based on the content of the game revolves around the FPS commando shooting war. Role-play as a gunman to participate in level-based battles. At each level opens a battle on the vast map. At the same time, the system will make specific requirements that need to be fulfilled. Only after completion can go to the next level. For example, kill 3 incoming terrorists, and successfully shoot down 5 dangerous enemies. There are many other quests that will open up one after another each time you reach a new level. But the difficulty also increases from there with the challenges waiting ahead. Shown by the number of terrorists to shoot down will be larger. At the same time, their ability is also improved to make it difficult for you to destroy.Game Counter Terrorist- CS Offline MOD

Open gameplay

Follow the open gameplay that takes place in the battles of Counter Terrorist: CS Offline. You do not have support from teammates and will have to perform the task alone. You can freely move on the battlefield, as well as deploy your own tactics. Use equipped weapons, combined with support equipment to attack terrorist forces. The goal is to shoot down all to survive, as well as complete the assigned mission. From there will win and receive valuable rewards. Based on the achievements achieved in each level will receive the corresponding amount of money.Tai Counter Terrorist- CS Offline MOD

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Achievements in each shooting level are rated by the number of stars. If you successfully complete the assigned task, you will get a maximum of 3 stars. But to achieve that will have to make sure not to lose your life in the fight. As well as the minimum amount of blood remaining after the end must be large. At the same time, meet the conditions given by the system and destroy all enemies with the specified number. Based on the achieved items, from there will receive bonuses to accumulate.

Many classic maps

Experience level-based battles in the game. You will have the opportunity to explore many different maps. According to the information provided, the map system is classically designed. Opens up in locations like ice towns, desert sand towns, and train stations. These are just a few of the places mentioned, with many more waiting to be discovered. Each location is simulated in the surrounding environment in its own way. Shown through the weather conditions, as well as the walls made up of different materials.Download Counter Terrorist- CS Offline MOD

Counter Terrorist: CS Offline game offers a diverse collection of weapons. They are classified into many different categories. Includes Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Handgun, Knife, Bazooka, and Consumable. Each category has many different guns with unique designs. Typical as Famms, M4A1, AK47, MP7,… and many more. Each gun is evaluated in detail through stats. Includes damage, ammo count, range, and speed. At the same time, they have different attack styles. You need to learn the advantages and disadvantages to exploit effectively when using.

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Name ID Counter Terrorist: CS Offline
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Size 55MB
New version 1.1.6
MOD Info Enemy Doesn't Attack
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