Crab Fight Infinity 1.25 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gems]
Crab Fight Infinity 1.25 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gems]

Crab Fight Infinity 1.25 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Gems]

By The Toan - 12/04/2024 (5 days ago) - 93MB
Name Crab Fight Infinity
Updated On 12/04/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Cuongbeo Game Studio
Size 93MB
Version 1.25
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Gems
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Update 12/04/2024 (5 days ago )

Join the battles in the game Crab Fight Infinity. Follow the action gameplay combined with shooting elements. You will control a crab to compete with other opponents as a warrior. Perform various tasks requested by the system. Through that defeat other opponents to destroy the whole. From there, win and complete the assigned task. This is a game built with fun gameplay. It takes place in many different arenas. Accordingly, the system provides many interesting features for you to enjoy. From a diverse gun system designed with a unique design. Until the graphics are built on the 3D platform. With sharp picture quality and realistic sound effects.

Download Crab Fight Infinity MOD APK – Competitive Shooting War Between Crabs

Based on the open gameplay that takes place in crab matches. You can control crabs freely moving in the arena to perform offensive actions. The process takes place, crabs can jump and move on all types of terrain. Through shooting a rope of unlimited length to impact the terrain. Then pull the rope to jump up or move to the terrain. From there, deploy an attack strategy to compete with other competitors. Based on the physical mechanism used in the wire-firing process. Crabs can take advantage of that to move in the air and change direction. Or dodge fierce attacks from enemies. In order to protect yourself so that you can continue to fight with other crab opponents.Crab Fight Infinity MOD

Match by level

Do the quest in each level, in each level open a competitive match. Accordingly, you will fight with other crab opponents in the arena. Without support from teammates, will have to fight them all alone. Rely on your control skills, combined with the special ability of crabs. Along with the use of equipped weapons to perform the action. Resist fierce attacks from enemies to become the last surviving crab. At the same time, different actions must be performed to complete the assigned task. From there, you can win to end the game and receive rewards. Then continue to new levels with increasing difficulty.Download Crab Fight Infinity MOD

Difficulty increases with many changes

Continue the fighting mission in the new level of Crab Fight Infinity. There will be many changes to make the fight between the crabs more dramatic. Shown through the battle environment that opens on another map. At the same time face more opponents than before. In particular, they are also equipped with advanced weapons. As well as improved combat, making it more challenging to beat. You will even lose your life and receive defeat if you can’t fight the enemy.Tai Crab Fight Infinity MOD

Multiple battle maps

There are many battle maps that take place in the levels. Each map has recreated the environment in its own way. Expressed through uniquely designed background scenes and color effects. The differences between the maps are represented by the topography. With randomly generated models, at the same time taking on a variety of shapes. Accordingly, the crab warriors can stick and move flexibly on the terrain. For the best results, you need to take advantage of the terrain to launch attacks and dodge enemies.

Diverse quest system

Through the battle, levels will have to perform a lot of different tasks given specifically. Including killing 10 enemies, dealing 1421 damage, changing 12 weapons, and firing 60 bullets with one gun. Log in for 2 days, deal 3800 total damage, make 45 weapon changes, and collect the full 3000 coins. There are many other missions that will be opened after reaching new levels. The difficulty also increases from there, with challenges that are harder to complete than before. For example, shoot headshots 15 times, kill 30 opponents, mark 60 times, and use the money to buy 1 piece of equipment.Game Crab Fight Infinity MOD

The process of the matches in the game Crab Fight Infinity. Can use a variety of weapons to compete with opponents. Includes laser guns, rifles, sniper rifles, bazookas, and more. Accordingly, there are some guns such as Uzi, Railvolver, Barretl M99, Ak-48, … and many more. Each gun is designed with a unique design, expressed through skins with different colors. In addition, many other items can be equipped. Includes hat, cape, gloves and shoes.