Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot APK MOD [Immortal, Huge Amount Of Ammo, No Ads]
Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot APK MOD [Immortal, Huge Amount Of Ammo, No Ads]

Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot APK MOD [Immortal, Huge Amount Of Ammo, No Ads]

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From a gunman’s first-person perspective to carry out combat missions. Based on the content of the game Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot revolves around the attack of zombies. Accordingly, you will have to fend off waves of incoming enemies. By using equipped guns and using support devices to attack. The goal is to wipe them all to win and complete the mission. In addition, there are many different challenges that are given specifically. Through the implementation, there will be an opportunity to collect money. From there can be used to change combat weapons, with many different types of guns. In particular, you can also enjoy the graphical mechanism built on the 3D platform. Combined with vivid simulated sound quality.

Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot MOD APK – Shooting Against Waves of Attacks From Zombies

Build content based on offline mode. You can experience the game completely for free with many challenges waiting ahead. Perform endless missions divided into stages. At each stage, there are specific conditions to be achieved. It will have to fight against waves of attacks from zombies to perform. Use the equipped gun and non-stop firing to destroy the enemy. The battle will last until the completion of the assigned tasks. Achievements will be demonstrated during combat. At the same time receive bonuses with the corresponding amount. Then will begin a battle with new challenges.Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot MOD

Gun system

Aim against waves of zombies in battles. You can use a variety of guns in the game’s diverse weapon collection. These include MP9, AWP, Auga 3, M2, M16, M870, P90,… and many more. Accordingly, the gun system is divided into many types such as rifles, pistols, sniper rifles, and others. Each gun is uniquely designed with outstanding offensive capabilities in its own way. Their capabilities are also evaluated in detail through parameters. Includes power, critical rate, fire rate, reload time, and ammo count.Game Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot MOD

Various missions

Experiencing battles will have to perform a lot of different tasks. For example, kill the specified enemy, and successfully wipe them all. Shoot down zombies with the required number and ensure maximum remaining health until the end of the match. Or kill the incoming waves of zombies with the designated gun. Use a healing device once and throw a grenade twice to successfully deal massive damage. Moreover, you have to fight to destroy the zombie boss in a fierce battle. There are many other missions that will be unlocked after coming to the next war. However, the difficulty of the task will become more and more difficult. Offer challenging missions to test your abilities.Tai Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot MOD

Achievements and rewards

After finishing a battle phase in the game Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot. Achievements will be judged by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. Accordingly, in each battle, the system will give 3 specific tasks. Each mission will correspond to one star. Based on that to perform, after the game ends, the assigned tasks will be approved. If you complete all of them, you will achieve excellent results with the maximum number of stars. At the same time, based on the difficulty of the stage and achievements will receive corresponding bonuses. Along with that, the experience points to accumulate, when meeting the conditions will increase to a new level. Gives you the opportunity to unlock more features to improve your fighting ability.

Graphics and sound

To bring the best shooting experience to players when participating. Graphics have been built based on the 3D platform. With sharp picture quality and realistic sound effects. Together with the combination of the first-person perspective will give you visual observation. Accordingly, the environment where matches take place is in many different locations. The system reproduces very vividly, reflected in the surrounding landscape. Moreover, it depends on the circumstances that take place during the battle. The sound is tailored to a high degree of flexibility. For example, using a gun to shoot bullets to attack, the sound simulates the reality of the gun. Or the scary screams from zombies when approaching and attacking.Download Dead Fire- Zombie Shoot MOD

In addition to the guns used in the battle of Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot. You can also use many other assistive devices. Includes timer, grenade, and recovery needle. Each type will bring its own special ability. For example, a healing needle will restore lost blood for a higher survival rate. Or the time clock will freeze time for a certain amount of time. Make the zombie unable to move and stand motionless in one position.

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Name ID Dead Fire: Zombie Shoot
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher PanFriends.Inc
Size 97MB
New version
MOD Info Immortal, Unlimited Ammo, No Ads
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