Death Park 2 1.5.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Unlock Levels, buy all paid items, buy free characters with real money]
Death Park 2 1.5.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Unlock Levels, buy all paid items, buy free characters with real money]

Death Park 2 1.5.1 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Unlock Levels, buy all paid items, buy free characters with real money]

By The Toan - 11/04/2024 (5 days ago) - 138MB
Name Death Park 2: Horror Clown
Updated On 11/04/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Euphoria Horror Games
Size 138MB
Version 1.5.1
MOD Features Menu, Unlock Levels, buy all paid items, buy characters for free with real money
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Update 11/04/2024 (5 days ago )

Get ready to enter the horror adventure in the game Death Park 2. This is the second part to follow the content of the previous version. With lots of fun and new features added. You will be immersed in a fantasy world full of horror and fear. Through specific locations are simulated scary environments and landscapes. Along with that are the puzzles that are opened with two different levels. You can choose to challenge your skills in the journey and survival. To increase the experience, bring a sense of fear to the player. The publisher has improved the graphics with horror image quality. Combined with the creepy sound system that is recreated during the adventure.

Download Death Park 2 MOD APK – Horror Adventure To Rescue Your Sister From The Clown

The content of the game revolves around the journey of you and the clown and the appearance of scary monsters. Accordingly, you will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Aim to rescue his sister from the clown. He will take different actions to endanger your sister. Besides, they must find a way to survive in a space full of dangers. With monsters that can suddenly appear and attack at any time. Putting you in danger, even at the cost of your life. Through adventure master challenged with horror things. You will have the opportunity to uncover unknown mysteries.Death Park 2 MOD

Explore 8 locations with individual endings

Through the adventure will be visited 8 different points. Includes cemetery area, abandoned hospital, military base, sewers, and on the street. There are some other locations that will be discovered after joining the game. Each location is simulated with different environments and landscapes. Shown through the terrain and obstacles, as well as the dangers around. For example, in the abandoned hospital, it is recreated in a scary atmosphere. Shown in the dark environment, along with the blood stains of the patients on the floor. That gives a feeling of fear when moving. Or in the cemetery with a gloomy scene, creating a feeling of horror.

With 8 locations opened, there will be 8 different endings. Depending on your actions, there will be different endings. Is it possible to safely survive the onslaught of monsters and clowns? Is it possible to rescue the sister who is being held by the clown? Everything depends on you, requiring puzzle and thinking skills.Game Death Park 2 MOD

Start your adventure at home

Start your journey in Death Park 2 at your house. The clown broke in and took away the sister who was sleeping on the bed. Accidentally seeing that scene, you became the target of his attack. There was no other choice but to find a way to escape. Accordingly, you will have to move through the rooms and find ways to solve puzzles. Match the puzzle pieces in the picture hanging on the wall to get the code. Then move to the iron link and enter the code to get the key. Use it to open the door and leave your house before being attacked by the clown. In the process, it is necessary to be aware of actions and movements. Because it is possible to attract the clown or encounter him, then it will cost you your life.Tai Death Park 2 MOD

Open gameplay to puzzle and collect information

Follow the open gameplay that takes place during the adventure. Adopt a first-person perspective to perform actions. You are free to move around and do what you want. But will have to be very careful because it can be attacked at any time. At the same time will have to solve puzzles to find the solution. Gather information from events and solve challenges encountered. Or search for important equipment and objects to use in solving puzzles. For example, looking for a transmitter in a police car on the street. Solve ancient characters in a mysterious room. There are more puzzles with different levels to be discovered in the adventure.Download Death Park 2 MOD

During the quest in Death Park 2. Will have to face terrifying dangers from monsters. They are horribly shaped and fiercely attack when they detect prey. Putting you in danger and even losing your life if you can’t resist. To survive potential dangers that can occur at any time. It is necessary to equip weapons such as baseball bats, guns, knives and many more. Each weapon when used will bring its own ability. For example, using a gun to fire bullets to attack from a distance.