Defender III 2.7.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Gems]
Defender III 2.7.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Gems]

Defender III 2.7.2 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins, Gems]

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Waves of monsters are approaching in Defender III. As the city defense gameplay is played out, you will have to command the defense system against them. Through automatic attack mechanisms and use skills to destroy enemies. The goal is to wipe the whole thing to win. Successfully defend the stronghold so that monsters cannot enter the kingdom. From there, complete the mission and receive valuable loot. This is an action game built with content in the form of city defense. Along with that is a combination of 4 elements including water, fire, wind, and earth. Unlock 4 kingdoms in different environmental conditions. Moreover, it is simulated according to 3D graphics. With sharp and realistic image quality.

Description about Defender III MOD APK – City Defense Against Waves of Monsters

Take on castle defense missions with over 1000 challenging levels. Each level opens a battle to defend the stronghold according to the mechanism of archery. Waves of monsters attacked in large numbers, they split into several turns. Need to shoot to destroy them all and successfully defend the citadel. Then will complete the mission in one level. It is possible to get to the next level with increased difficulty. Expressed through many elements with difficult challenges waiting ahead. From the wave of attacks in greater numbers to the appearance of more fearsome monsters. At the same time, their capabilities are also improved. The health, attack, and stamina stats are all superior.Defender III MOD

There are 4 kingdoms according to the elements

Defensive battles will take place in 4 different kingdoms. According to the elements including fire, water, wind, and earth. Each kingdom represents an element and reproduces in its own unique environment. For example, the wind elemental kingdom opens defensive battles in the forest with a green atmosphere. The Realm of Fire takes place in a land of fiery volcanoes and lava, accompanied by a red atmosphere. Or the kingdom of water opens the arena on ice, in cold weather conditions. The last is the land kingdom in the desert region of the Pyramid in the golden atmosphere.Game Defender III MOD

Monsters and 4 bosses

In the elemental kingdoms in Defender III. There will be appearances of different monsters. Accordingly when performing a mission in the kingdom of wind. Must fight poisonous butterflies, carnivorous flowers, snakes, forest people, and many others. Coming to the war in the water kingdom will have to fight ice birds, dragons, werewolves, and more. Or in the realm of fire is the appearance of giant stone people, one-eyed drops, and scorpions. Finally the desert kingdom with the attack of eagles, Egyptian warriors, and giant worms. The monsters are all led by 4 different bosses. Accordingly, you will have to defeat the monster boss to be able to successfully defend the kingdom.Tie Defender III MOD

Use bows and build towers

The course of the war in each kingdom will use bows and arrows with specific elements. They are uniquely shaped and carry the color corresponding to each element. Along with that is the support from two defensive towers on either side. In front of the incoming wave of monster attacks. Bows and towers will not stop attacking for damage and destruction. Accordingly, bows and arrows will deal physical damage and towers will deal magic damage. The ability of each type will be evaluated in detail through the indicators. Includes attack, fire rate, and experience points. To enhance the ability of bows and towers will have to use items to conduct upgrades. From there, improve the stats to attack more effectively.Download Defender III MOD

More than 50 skills and 36 spells

Use bows and build towers to attack waves of monsters. You can unlock skills of each type to attack more effectively. There are more than 50 skills and 36 different spells here. Depending on the element, bows, and towers can create different powers. For example, the element of wind, the bow can shoot sharp waves and create tornadoes, in addition to rain or thunder. Or the tower can create lightning to deal massive damage to a designated target. Likewise, there are more powers of other elemental bows and towers to be discovered by participating. But besides that, you need to pay attention to the level, because in order to learn new powers, you will have to reach the corresponding level.

In addition to the elemental skills used in Defender III. There are also 4 different elemental ultimate spirits for you to discover. Each spirit will possess outstanding strength and assist you in your defense in battles. From there it is possible to overcome waves of attacks from monsters and bosses. However, in order to unlock an elemental spirit, different conditions must be met.

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Name ID Defender III
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher DroidHen
Size 46MB
New version 2.7.2
MOD Info Unlimited Coins, Gems
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Update 09/05/2024 (3 weeks ago )