Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter 4.2.0 APK MOD [Unlocked, unlimited money]
Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter 4.2.0 APK MOD [Unlocked, unlimited money]

Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter 4.2.0 APK MOD [Unlocked, unlimited money]

By The Toan - (Period 6 months ago)

Western cowboy-style shooting. The content takes place according to a story revolving around a cowboy. Accordingly, the re-enactment of intense gun battles. With a combination of the third-person perspective used by Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter. Helps you fully experience the actions of the character during the performance of the mission. Moreover, thanks to the character customization feature provided. It is possible to change the style of the cowboy to become even more prominent. However, there will be hundreds of difficult challenges to overcome. It takes place in cities, with extreme weather and environmental conditions. Accordingly, there will be a chance to find much equipment to customize the character. At the same time will face many types of dangerous enemies.

Description about Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter MOD APK – Cowboy Shooting in Cities

The map of Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter opens in 4 different cities. Including Coldwater city, Springday, Dirtycity, and Dark City. Each city is designed with extremely lively surroundings. With extreme weather conditions like rain, snow, sun, storm,… and more. Accordingly, it will bring its own challenges in the process of performing the task. By causing limitations during the attack to destroy the enemy. Shown through the action of shooting will be affected. Not stopping there, in the cities will be opened many different types of environments. For example, snowy hills, green plateaus, and life in the desert,… There are many other types of environments that will reappear after each completed mission.Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter

The plot of the game

Follow the story of Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter about a cowboy. Having an unhappy childhood when having to go through a lot of pain. The village he lived in was attacked by Wesley’s henchmen. They killed all the villagers, especially his family’s mother, and his brothers and sisters were in the same situation. He was lucky to survive when his father took his life to protect him. Safely leave the city and hide in a mysterious mountain region. Over time, the father passed on skills and experience. Help him become a powerful cowboy. At the same time, the wound from the previous day’s attack cannot be healed. That cost him his life.Game Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter

Fight the enemy by destroying

Leaving the refuge in the mountains for many years. It’s time to avenge the family and the villagers. Follow the unfolding story of the game Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter. You will play the role of a cowboy to perform the task. Will face a lot of different enemies. They are evil cowboys armed with a variety of weapons. At the same time will attack you in large numbers. Meanwhile, you will have no support from anyone. Will have to use what they have learned to fight. The goal is to shoot down all the enemies to complete the mission. Thereby fulfilling the wish of revenge for the loved ones.Tai Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter

Diverse quest system

Hundreds of different missions are played out at each level. Each mission in Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter reproduces in real-time. Based on each city will open up different challenges. Includes raids on enemy bases. Run away from pursuit from them. Embark on the danger to rescue prisoners being held. There are many more quests that will open up in the cities. It is also a challenge to test your skills. Whether participating in any mission. Your goal is to shoot down a sufficient number of enemies in the arena. Upon completion, you will receive a bonus to accumulate.

Challenge increased, offensive operations

The process of performing missions in Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter. After each start a new challenge. The difficulty will increase with more enemies to shoot down than before. Accordingly, it also offers different gameplay for you to enjoy. Move the set to go through other areas. Or ride your horse forward and shoot at incoming enemies. To be able to win and complete missions excellently. It will require precise and flexible aiming skills. Then will be based on the time of the match until wiping out the enemy. Along with the number of enemies you have shot down by headshot. From there will receive the corresponding bonus.Download Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter

Be a Western cowboy in the game Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter. You can use many different weapons. Those are guns designed in the typical cowboy style. Examples include revolver pistols, long guns, and more. The difference between them is reflected in many different factors. Not only the style and the mechanism of use. It is also evaluated through the damage, ammo count, and reload time stats. However, it is necessary to use the money to be able to buy and own.

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Name ID Dirty Revolver Cowboy Shooter
Updated On 24/11/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Dreambox Visual Communications
Size 192MB
New version 4.2.0
MOD Info Unlocked, unlimited money
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Update 24/11/2023 (6 months ago )