Drag Battle 3.26.31 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money and gold]
Drag Battle 3.26.31 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money and gold]

Drag Battle 3.26.31 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money and gold]

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Skip the treacherous roads and dangerous turns. Drag Battle opens a speed race to test the performance of the vehicle. Combine your control during acceleration. Accordingly, compete with opponents in a dramatic 1vs1 race. With the difference in time, counting by a split second can also change the result. Therefore, it will bring very interesting gameplay. Through the process of performing tasks to develop a career. Get ready for the competition to prove yourself as a professional racer. Through it will enjoy a lot of different features. Swing around the racing theme to explore the areas. As well as parts, and components used to equip and upgrade. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to explore the diverse vehicle system.

Drag Battle MOD APK – Speed ​​Race On The Road To Compete With Opponents

The racing gameplay of Drag Battle is very interesting. Different from other racing game genres. Instead of recreating complex maps. With the design of sharp turns, dangerous turns to test the driver’s skills. Here is a lot simpler. The race will take place on a straight route at a certain distance. Follow competitive 1vs1 gameplay between you and your opponent’s vehicle. Two riders will increase their maximum speed to reach the finish line as soon as possible. From there find out the winner, through the completion of the race time.Drag Battle

Career mode

Get ready for Drag Battle career mode races. Accordingly, you will have to compete with many different opponents at each level. Present yourself as a professional racer. By operating your car increase the speed on the road. Quickly overcome the long distance and reach the finish line in the fastest time. Convincing victory against the opponent. Then continue the journey in the new race. To develop a career will have to compete with superior rival vehicles. This will challenge your racing abilities and driving skills. Because the difficulty will constantly increase, making the race even more dramatic. It will even fail if your opponent reaches the finish line before you.Download Drag Battle

Get bonuses and experience points

Go through each race in the game Drag Battle. After winning against an opponent. From there will receive bonuses and experience points. Based on different achievements are evaluated will receive corresponding rewards. Through the acceleration time from 0-100km/h, the reaction time and the shortest time. Along with the additional rewards received from the activities performed. Examples are excellent departure, perfect acceleration, and triumph. From there will receive a large number of rewards to accumulate. Moreover, overcome opponents with superior racing abilities. The reward received will increase more than before.Tai Drag Battle

Your career content and skills

Follow the career mode when participating in the game Drag Battle. There are 10 races and champion titles for you to win. However, you will have to compete with 30 different bosses. They are all racers driving vehicles with outstanding performance. To be able to win will require you to meet two factors. Constantly upgrading to enhance the ability to race cars. Along with vehicle operation skills that need to be constantly improved. The smooth combination between pressing the accelerator and shifting gears. Change the rpm to get a faster speed. Rush to the finish line with the lead to win.

Upgrade and customize racing cars

To be able to own a favorite racing car in Drag Battle. In addition to unlocking will need to upgrade. Here the game offers a lot of different parts and components. Helps you customize to be able to personalize racing cars. Includes spoiler, wheel rims, body extensions, and body kit. Along with that is a diverse paint color system for you to choose from. According to the information provided, there are hundreds of widgets for you to freely design. Besides, it is possible to upgrade the technical parameters. But it takes money to do it. To improve performance, help the car accelerate better.Game Drag Battle

Modified MOD information of Drag Battle

  • Huge Amount Of Money and gold

More than 50 racing vehicles, allowing you to explore freely. Each vehicle in Drag Battle is designed differently. Shown through the original style, paint color, and specifications. There are a number of types such as sports cars, American muscle cars, ordinary sedans, luxury cars, etc. There are also a series of other racing cars that you will learn about in detail. Not stopping there, regardless of driving any car on the road. You can use nitro to speed up fast. Help the car reach maximum speed in a short time.

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Name ID Drag Battle
Updated On 05/04/2024
Requires Android 6.0
Publisher Ice Storm
Size 152MB
New version 3.26.31
MOD Info Unlimited money and gold
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Update 05/04/2024 (3 months ago )