Encounter Strike 1.3.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Encounter Strike 1.3.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Encounter Strike 1.3.0 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Gain lots of likes from players around the world. The shooting game Encounter Strike opens up dramatic action matches. Accordingly, you will play the role of a gunman to perform the task of competing with other opponents. Rely on realistic physical attack mechanics to attack enemies. On a large battlefield built free to play. The strategy can be deployed with teammates or alone against all. At the same time, complete the challenges at each level to show off your skills. Successfully wipe out all enemies and survive until the battle is over. From there, win excellently to achieve noble achievements. As well as prove your skills as a professional shooter.

Encounter Strike MOD APK – Participate in Dramatic Shooting Wars

Follow the game’s offline mode for a free shooting mission. Role-play as a gunner to participate in level battles. Use equipped weapons to attack enemy units. Following the open play will have to deploy strategies to bring the best results in the match. Combine with supporting equipment to use for many different purposes. Help you solve the difficulties encountered in battle. Shoot down each enemy in turn until wiping them all out. At the same time survive the waves of fierce attacks from bombs. Then will win and complete the mission in a level. After that, you will receive bonuses based on achievements.Encounter Strike MOD

The challenge increases when coming to the new mode

Keep coming to shooting war on a new level. The challenge will increase with many changing factors. Shown through the enemy’s combat ability is enhanced. As well as facing a larger number of enemies than before. Make the fight extremely dramatic and intense. Accordingly, the enemies you face are all AI-controlled gunmen. With the constant improvement of modern attacks and weapons. That will make it more difficult for you to destroy them when reaching higher levels. Even at the cost of life and defeat if you can’t resist. But besides that, the reward received after completing the quest will be greater than before.Game Encounter Strike MOD

Alliance mode

Can you team up with your teammates to fight the enemy together? Come to the alliance mode of the game Encounter Strike. Accordingly, they will join 4 other gunmen to deploy an attack strategy. Go on a mission to destroy 128 enemies on a vast battlefield. The process can take place alone against enemy forces. Or with team members to attack according to a specific strategy. At the same time support each other in dangerous situations. For example, when surrounded by enemies, they can attack together to survive. Accordingly, shoot down each enemy in turn until 128 enemies are destroyed. From there will win to end the difficult match.Tai Encounter Strike MOD

A diverse arsenal of many types

Provide a diverse arsenal of different guns. From there can help you change the way you attack during the battle. These include rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, shotguns, and more. The difference between the guns can be seen through the design and size. In particular, their strength is assessed through indicators. You can learn about various parameters like ammo count, damage, reload speed, and range. Each type will bring its own advantages in the process of fighting. For example, sniper rifles can attack accurately from long distances. It is also possible to use grenades to support the attack when needed. With the advantage of causing extensive damage, it is possible to create an explosion when the enemy is concentrated.Download Encounter Strike MOD

With your shooting skills, is it possible to confidently compete with real players? Challenge yourself in Encounter Strike’s online mode. Here the fighting took place between gunmen from all over the world. Emphasize strategy and skill in the course of the match. Accordingly, the shooters will have to combine flexible control and equipped weapons. At the same time take advantage of the capabilities of supporting devices. Aim to survive the intense battles with many other players. Successfully destroy all and survive until the last person left on the battlefield. From there will win with a high position on the leaderboard.

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Name ID Encounter Strike-Mission 2022
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Enjoy.GameStudio.Fun
Size 75MB
New version 1.3.0
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 11/06/2024 (1 week ago )