Escape Masters Mod Hack APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)
Escape Masters Mod Hack APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

Escape Masters Mod Hack APK 1.5.11 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - 17/10/2022
Name LMHMOD Escape Masters
Requires Android 5.0
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 95MB
Version 1.5.11
Category Puzzle
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 17/10/2022 (5 months ago )

Build puzzle-style gameplay. The game Escape Masters Mod opens interesting missions. The content is based on the theme of escaping from prison. Revolving around criminals in custody. In order to find freedom, enjoy the fun life outside. At the same time, the game also incorporates construction elements. With many different constructions for criminals to build buildings. This game is free to experience in offline mode. Moreover, you will enjoy extremely exciting escape adventures. Takes place underground in the prison. With the dynamics of criminals. Along with that will have to face many difficult challenges. These are puzzles with increasing difficulty over time.

Download Escape Masters Mod – Help Criminals Escape from Prison

The story of Escape Masters Mod revolves around the operation of escaping from prison. The criminals are being held by the police. Not subject to fate and longing for a free life. After contacting the outside ally, there was a car waiting. They began to execute their escape plan by escaping underground. Find a way to leave the prison being guarded. During the process, there will be many different activities that need to be performed. Make the right choice and the right decision. Quickly dig the road in silence, not to be discovered by the police. Successfully board the car to leave the prison location. Then will move to the next area to perform construction tasks. Create houses for prisoners to have a life of their own.Escape Masters Mod

Many levels of play, achievements

Promising to bring compelling prison escape stories when participating in Escape Masters Mod. The game’s mission system is re-imagined interestingly. With a lot of different levels in ascending order. Along with difficult challenges will be faced during the game. Each level opens up a fugitive of criminals. Your task is to draw a moving path for them to follow. In turn, to find a way out of prison. After the prisoners get in the waiting car will complete the mission. Achievements in each level are represented by the number of stars. For excellent achievement with a maximum number of stars. Requires your puzzle skills, to help all criminals successfully escape. The reward received includes the amount of gold.Game Escape Masters Mod

Activities that need to be done

During the escape of criminals at Escape Masters Mod. It is necessary to lead them to perform many activities. Collect the amount of gold that appears scattered everywhere. As well as valuable items such as red diamond rings, and crowns. Also, collect golden keys that appear randomly at any location. Besides, sometimes will find grenades. With the ability to create a highly destructive explosion. Help the prisoners destroy the hard rock terrain underground. Open up a new way to continue your escape. Or sometimes will have to swim through a deep water hole. Not stopping there, it may be necessary to rescue some prisoners trapped in the ground. Then escape together to leave the prison area safely.Tai Escape Masters Mod

The increasing difficulty, puzzle skills

The difficulty of Escape Masters Mod is changed after each mission completion. The challenge will increase every time a new level is started. Not only the underground terrain is designed as more complex. More prisoners need to be rescued than before. But also have to collect valuable resources in many randomly arranged locations. Even more special, when accumulating all 3 golden keys. You will be used to unlock 3 different treasure chests. From there will have the opportunity to receive a large amount of gold. However, to pass the increasingly difficult levels. Requires clever puzzle skills to open escape routes. By observing the underground terrain for guidance. As well as constantly improving to learn from experience.Download Escape Masters Mod

After completing each prison escape mission in Escape Masters Mod. You will accumulate hammers. When collecting enough numbers will be moved to a construction site. With 3 different choices on a theme, to proceed with the construction of the residential area. Only 1 of 3 can be selected at a time. The difference in each choice is reflected in the style, as well as its own color. For example, building a house in a classic, modern and simple form. Here, the game provides buildings such as houses, surrounding fences, and yards. And many more buildings will be unlocked over time.

Download Escape Masters Hack APK 1.5.11 Android

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