Faily Rider 12.6 APK MOD [Free Shopping]
Faily Rider 12.6 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Faily Rider 12.6 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Do you want to enjoy leisure time on a racing theme? Can experience the game Faily Rider. This is a game in the popular category of publisher Spunge Games Pty Ltd. Unleash an endless quest-driven racing journey. Huge Amount Of destinations, but will have to overcome many challenges. Moreover, the content of the game revolves around motorcycling activities. Under the genre of obstacle courses and terrain on the desert road. Let every player enjoy the fun of participating. There will be a chance to discover many unique features. Enjoy driving different motorbikes with diverse vehicle systems. Incorporating attack shooting mechanics. Along with the collision action when moving on the terrain. Promising to open extremely impressive races.

Description about Faily Rider MOD APK – Accompany Phil in Off-Road Motorcycle Racing

Follow the story of the racing game Faily Rider. The story revolves around poor Phil, who encountered bad luck while driving a car. That is what caused the fear later. Making him only able to control the motorcycle to move. On a beautiful day, he was on a picnic with his motorcycle. While moving to the desert land of Nevada. A cow grazing in the middle of the road saw Phil coming. Due to not paying attention, it was pushed out of the way. Slide off the edge of the shore and drift into a route fraught with obstacles. Along with the craziness of complex terrain. This motivated the guy Phil to become a terrain racer. Because there is no other choice but to avoid it. If it fails, there will be an accident.Faily Rider

The gameplay, the process

Accompanying the character Phil in the game Fairy Rider. Control the motorbike that is drifting at a fast speed from on a downhill slope. With the movement speed changing according to the terrain, will automatically move forward. Your mission is to dodge the obstacles and obstacles on the way. Make sure the journey is safe. There must be no collision to prove yourself. Accordingly, the achievement in each race is expressed through the score. The number of points corresponds to the distance traveled. Each race goes on endlessly, and can only be stopped when there is an accident. From the achievement achieved will have the opportunity to receive the appropriate amount of gold. After that can continue the mission, driving off-road in the new race. Aim to surpass one’s own achievements previously achieved.Game Faily Rider

Obstacles, skills

Surely you will encounter a lot of difficulties in the process of driving a motorcycle. Because there are countless obstacles to hinder. They appear scattered throughout the race in Family Rider. For example, the cactus growing on the road has no location. The rocks at many different locations, are very easily hit. Or will sometimes cross a heavy traffic area. Each obstacle when touched will cause an accident. To be able to safely pass requires your skill. Observe the environmental conditions ahead. Combining the use of flexible control mechanisms to navigate the movement of the vehicle. Dodge quickly and accurately to advance further. Also, try to improve your skills to be able to handle emergency situations. Try to travel as far as possible.Tai Faily Rider

Collect coins, use weapons and shields

From off-road style motorcycle races at Faily Rider. Don’t forget to collect the gold coins. They appear randomly at many locations during the game. Drive accurately to move across will collect. Try not to miss any gold coins to accumulate large amounts. Besides, sometimes found weapons and defense equipment. Help you destroy the obstacles ahead. But can only be used for a limited time. For example, if you collect a gun, it will fire continuously to destroy it. Likewise, find defensive shields that can protect yourself from being bumped into an obstacle. But no matter what equipment is used, there must be skills. Because if not, it is still possible to have an accident at any time.Download Faily Rider

Modified MOD information of Faily Rider

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Free Shopping

Many different motorcycles are provided by Faily Rider. Each design type is extremely impressive. With a vivid depiction of the components. At the same time, the performance of each vehicle will not be the same. Shown in the specifications. In addition, you can also unlock a unique costume system. It is possible to design characters in the style of a dry skeleton, a delivery guy, a racing driver, etc. There are many other costumes that will be recreated in many new looks.

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Name ID Faily Rider
Updated On 12/05/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Spunge Games Pty Ltd
Size 54MB
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New version 12.6
MOD Info Free Shopping
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