Fast & Furious Takedown {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)
Fast & Furious Takedown {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Fast & Furious Takedown 1.8.01 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

By The Toan - 14/05/2023 (10 months ago) - 395MB
Name Fast & Furious Takedown
Updated On 14/05/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Universal Studios Interactive Entertainment LLC
Size 395MB
Version 1.8.01
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Update 14/05/2023 (10 months ago )

Become a racer in Fast & Furious Takedown to enjoy arcade entertainment. With a combination of racing and action, there are competitions. Recreate dramatic races on the road. Expressed through the speed of the vehicle moving, the terrain is difficult. Along with many racing vehicles used. The task takes place in real-time, evaluating achievements through multiple coefficients. With difficult challenges waiting ahead. Through the different game modes provided by the system. Can be experienced in online and offline modes. Depending on the choice of participating in the desired race. Then you will have to follow the given rules. From the process of playing, there will also be the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful graphics. With extremely vivid collision effects.

Download Fast & Furious Takedown – Speed ​​Racing With Destructive Action

Follow the online mode that takes place in Fast & Furious Takedown. Revolving around competitive multiplayer races. When participating will have to meet the network connection requirements. From there will be randomly sorted by the server system. Get a chance to meet and compete with other online racers. Here, there are 2 different racing modes. Includes challenge and challenge mode. Each mode will open up its own gameplay, taking place in different content. The challenge mode will allow competing with friends or other players. Through the race on the road to find the winner when knocking down the opponent. Besides, the challenge mode will give different missions. Must be completed to demonstrate skill. Passing each challenge in turn will increase your position on the leaderboard.Fast & Furious Takedown

Quests in offline mode

If you want to play Fast & Furious Takedown in offline mode. Experience the game completely for free after downloading. It is possible to participate in mission-by-challenge mode. Each mission corresponds to a racing level. Give conditions, that require you to follow. It is attacked by driving to take down opponents and destroy other competitive vehicles. With the required number of different racing levels. Upon completion, you will receive a reward corresponding to the achievement. Includes execution time, drift time, and some other achievements. Continue the race in the new mission. Not only the racing environment is changed, taking place in different locations. And the number of vehicles to destroy also increased. At the same time, thanks to AI control, it will make you more difficult.Game Fast & Furious Takedown

Locations, drift, and nitro

Fast & Furious Takedown ‘s real-time racing gameplay. It will take place in many different locations. For example in the desert, in the snow, along the mountains, in the city, and in the harbor. More locations will be unlocked. With dramatic competition between racers. Regardless of the location, it requires your skills. Drive flexibly on the road to chase other vehicles. Precise attack by causing a collision. Causes the opponent’s car to be destroyed. At the same time in some situations, it is necessary. Can combine the use of nitro to increase the maximum speed. Shorten the distance with the opponent and find the best attack opportunity. At the same time in complex terrain conditions. From sharp turns, turns on the road. It is necessary to control the car stably to perform the drift technique.Tai Fast & Furious Takedown

Various racing vehicles

Enjoy exciting racing gameplay in Fast & Furious Takedown. There will be opportunities to discover many unique racing cars. Those are car vehicles inspired by the famous movie. For example, some types such as the sports cars of Honda, Ford, and Chevrolet. Or some iconic racing cars like Dom’s Dodge, Charger. Hobbs’ truck and Shaw’s Flip Cap. There are many other racing cars that will be unlocked over time. Each type is designed in its own unique style. Expressed through its impressive appearance and performance. To get them, they need to be unlocked. Based on meeting the conditions of each racing car. Then it will be unlocked to drive your favorite car.Download Fast & Furious Takedown

Fast & Furious Takedown allows tuning and upgrading racing cars. After possessing them to continue the quest. Performance can be improved by upgrading. Adjust different parts, making the racing car run better. Combine your expert driving skills. Handling dangerous situations taking place in complex terrain. By observing the environment ahead to perform racing action. From there defeat the opponent and complete the mission.