Fishdom MOD APK 7.23.0 (Menu, Unlimited money coins gems diamonds)
Fishdom MOD APK 7.23.0 (Menu, Unlimited money coins gems diamonds)

Hack Fishdom MOD APK 7.23.0 (Menu, Unlimited money coins gems diamonds)

By HN - 28/05/2023
Name Fishdom
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Playrix
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money coins gems diamonds
Size 137MB
Version 7.23.0
Category Puzzle
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 28/05/2023 (5 days ago )

Fishdom opens an adventure under the ocean. With the task of building a beautiful tank. Through match-3 puzzle levels. Accordingly, there will be many different activities waiting for you to explore. With difficult challenges from time to time to conquer. But at the same time, you can design your own fish tank in your own style. To bring a fun experience when participating in the game. You can immerse yourself in the stories of talking fish. Rescue them in minigames. More specifically, you can compete with other players. This will give you the opportunity to quickly complete the aquarium. This game is experienced in offline mode. No network connection is required to participate.

Download Fishdom – Match-3 Puzzle To Decorate And Complete Aquarium

According to the gameplay mechanics of the game Fishdom. You will participate in match-3 puzzle levels. Complete different conditions and get bonuses. From there use to buy aquarium decoration items. The task of completing a living nest for the talking fish. At the same time will have the opportunity to monitor and observe them interact with each other. As well as the need to take care of and feed the fish. That will help you be immersed in the adventure under the sea. Enjoy a beautiful life with exciting puzzle challenges. Make friends with many different species of fish. Everything is waiting for you ahead, let’s start the game to come to the fun journey.Fishdom

Quests by levels

To decorate and create an aquarium in Fishdom. Need to use the money to buy decorative items. Accordingly, you will have to participate in match-3 puzzle levels to earn money. With lots of different challenges at increasing levels. In each mission, the gameplay is similar to other match-3 puzzle games. You need to match at least 3 or more items. At the same time, the condition to complete will require breaking the frozen layers in a certain amount. After completing a level will receive a reward corresponding to the difficulty.

The puzzle process will be done on a chess board divided into many squares. With different puzzle items uniquely shaped. Includes pearl, red star, snail shell, turtle shell, and pearl shell. Each square will have an item and they are randomly arranged on the chessboard.Game Fishdom

Difficulty and number of puzzles

Every time start a new puzzle level of Fishdom. The difficulty will increase with more layers of ice to destroy than before. At the same time, the chessboard changed shape and the appearance of the items will change. They appear and arrange more complexly than before. Make your chances of solving puzzles also less. Especially in each mission, there is a limited number of puzzles. If you use up the number of turns without being able to break the ice, the mission will fail. On the contrary, complete the task with the least number of puzzles possible. The rest of the turns will create support items to explode on the board. From there will help earn a large number of bonuses.

You need to take note after the puzzle mission fails. Each time this will reduce one heart. Once exhausted, it will not be possible to continue participating in the puzzle level. Accordingly, it will have to wait a certain amount of time for the heart to recover. In the game, there is a maximum of 5 hearts.Tai Fishdom

Support items

In the process of doing puzzle missions at Fishdom. Various support items can be used. Includes boosters, bombs, explosives, and nukes. Each type will bring a special ability of its own. For example, boosters will create an explosion of 9 squares on the chessboard. Likewise, in ascending order from bombs, explosives, and nukes. The resulting explosion will be larger to help you quickly complete the puzzle mission. To create them will have to do a match-3 match from 4 to 5 puzzle items or more. Or from getting a reward after each level is completed.Download Fishdom

MOD Feature of Fishdom

  • Mod Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited coins
  • Unlimited gems
  • Unlimited diamonds

Use the money earned after completing puzzle levels in Fishdom. Can unlock many different things to decorate. Accordingly, the game is divided into 4 elements, each with many choices. Includes fish, objects, aquarium, and food. In it, you can raise a variety of fish species. As well as decorate the aquarium with unique items. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the price of each type. The amount will not be the same and there are some things that require the use of purple diamonds to buy.

Download Fishdom APK + MOD 7.23.0 (Menu, Unlimited money coins gems diamonds) Android

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