Food Gang 1.1.6 APK MOD [Enemies Don’t Attack]
Food Gang 1.1.6 APK MOD [Enemies Don’t Attack]

Food Gang 1.1.6 APK MOD [Enemies Don’t Attack]

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Follow the competitive action gameplay that takes place in the Food Gang game. The content revolves around the battle for survival between the characters. The goal is to collect stars for valuable rewards. But to get there will have to win the real-time match. Get a higher score to kill the enemy team to become the winner. Only then will he be able to demonstrate his skillful combat skills? This is a game that is played in online mode. According to the requirements from the system, to join, it is necessary to connect to the internet. Because teammates and opponents are real players. You and they will be randomly connected to the server and arranged by the system, then meet in the arena to start the competition.

Food Gang MOD APK – Real Time Character Competition

Based on the content of the game with the participation of fruity characters. According to the information provided, there are 14 different characters that are uniquely shaped. Examples are James Banana, Haka Pineapple, Walter Watermelon, and Horn Meat. These are some of the characters mentioned, and many more will be discovered by you when participating in the game. Each character is shaped in its own distinctive style. Especially, parts such as eyes and mouth are depicted to create expressions. At the same time, they use different weapons to attack in the war. Besides, go through the matches and win. Characters also accumulate experience points to increase to new levels. From there will improve the health and attack stats to fight more superior.Game Food Gang MOD

Unique Attack Weapons

The fighting style of the characters in the game is shown through the weapon system. Each character possesses their own unique weapon to use offensively in competition. For example, Tony uses a rifle to fire bullets at enemies from a distance. Likewise, Haka Pineapple uses Boomerang to throw. Or Pumpkin Jack uses a hacksaw for a melee attack. Furthermore, King Pizza uses a magical staff to deal damage to his opponent. Depending on the character with the type of weapon used. You need to learn to make the most of your power. Because each weapon will have different advantages and disadvantages in the battle. For example, guns have the advantage of firing from a distance, but when the enemy approaches, it will be difficult to attack.Food Gang MOD

Unlock more than 50 skills

Through the battles that take place at the Food Gang. More than 50 different skills can be unlocked. Accordingly, each character possesses a set of fighting skills with 4 different types. But they must be unlocked when they reach the required level to be used. For example, the character Horn uses an ax to throw, thereby attacking enemies in the arena. After reaching level 5, the system will unlock more knife throwing skills. Used to throw at the opponent will deal greater damage. Or level 10 will learn other unique skills. Everything will be discovered by you after participating in the game.Tai Food Gang MOD

There are 3 different arenas

The matches will be opened on 3 different arenas. Includes dining table, cooking table and cupboard. Each arena is recreated with a different surrounding landscape. Designed objects to create a competitive arena. For example, the dining table has plates stacked on top of each other, this is a hindrance and can also be used to an advantage. Or a cooking table with items like gas stoves, sinks and more made into an arena. Accordingly, every time a match is started, the system will generate a random arena.Download Food Gang MOD

How the game plays out and the rules

Each fight will be played in real time, up to 90 seconds countdown. In the open-ended gameplay, the characters will compete with each other with the goal of defeating the opponent. The course of the match with the participation of 4 characters is divided into 2 factions. According to the 2vs2 mechanism, you will cooperate with a teammate to fight the opposing team. Use equipped weapons, combined with personal skills. Aim to shoot down the opponent to increase the kill score. During that process, if you lose your life, you will be resurrected to continue the match. The competition will last until the time is up. Then based on the kill score achieved between the two factions. The side with the higher score wins.

The reward received after finishing a fight at Food Gang is gold cup and star. Accordingly, it is possible to reach a maximum of 3 stars if you win excellently. At the same time, based on the reward received, bonus points will be accumulated. Then there will be the opportunity to receive gold coins with the corresponding amount. Or a new character when a certain accumulation point is reached.

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Name ID Food Gang
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Bloop Games
Size 30MB
New version 1.1.6
MOD Info Enemy Don't Attack
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )