Freeze Rider 1.9.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money coins gems diamond]
Freeze Rider 1.9.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money coins gems diamond]

Freeze Rider 1.9.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money coins gems diamond]

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Come to Freeze Rider to become an ice skater. Your mission is to collect ice blocks on the track. Overcome intermittent terrain to find your way to the highest possible altitude. From there, head to the destination expressed through the score scale to receive rewards. According to the opening content, this game belongs to the action game genre. Build casual racing-style gameplay. Combined with stickman-style character creation. With a freehand drawing mechanism used to create runways. Help the character overcome dangerous traps. As well as finding opportunities to advance to high terrain. In order to increase your chances of getting great achievement points. This game also incorporates bright 3D graphics. Environmental conditions are simulated sharp images.

Description about Freeze Rider MOD APK – The Journey of Running and Surfing Ice by Level

Build content in the style of surfing. The Freeze Rider game opens up challenges by level. Get ready for the journey at each level. Your task is to control the stickman character running forward. Combine drawing runways to glide through areas where traps appear. At the same time find a way to be able to climb the elevated path. Aim to the finish line to show off your ice block collecting skills on the road. Score on a scale of 10 to 100. From there, complete a challenge to continue to the next level. Promises to bring more interesting experiences for you to enjoy.Freeze Rider

Increasing difficulty

After going through a journey of running and ice surfing in Freeze Rider. Will continue to start a new level of play. With many variable elements to increase the challenge, make you difficult. From the changing running terrain, the distance to be overcome is longer than before. At the same time, the arrangement of the roads is complicated. Create challenges to hinder you can move upward. Moreover, there are many more obstacles ahead. They will cause the stickman character to have an accident after touching it. That means the journey will have to end soon. The quest cannot be completed and must be replayed until passed. However, the reward received will only correspond to the number of points you achieve.Game Freeze Rider

Collect ice blocks

Follow the gameplay of the game Freeze Rider. The process of running and surfing in the levels. In addition to crossing the terrain, you also have to collect ice blocks. They appear scattered on the roads that will run through. After touching will increase the number, shown by the height of the ice block that the stickman carries on his back. Try to collect to accumulate the largest number possible. Because after reaching the final destination of the journey. Based on the number of ice blocks collected will create a runway running straight up. From there, the stickman character will glide up to be able to achieve the corresponding score on the scale. That will help you get a bonus.Tai Freeze Rider

Draw to create a runway

With the ice surfing mechanism used in the game Freeze Rider. On the run will appear many different obstacles. Those are dangerous traps that will make you stop the game. To be able to pass, you will have to create an ice bath to help stickman pass. Through touch and draw freely. But it is necessary to make sure the starting point of the stroke matches the character’s running path. As soon as you run into the runway, you can pass. Accordingly, you need to observe the stickman’s movements on the road. Combine calculations to create runways that can glide higher. Help the character reach the end of the road at the highest possible height.

Unlock new characters

After each level is completed in Freeze Rider. Will accumulate percentage points to unlock new characters. There are many different stickman characters here. Each has an impressive design style. Expressed through clothes and body color. For example athlete, ninja, green stickman,… and many more. In addition to unlocking by accumulating points after each completed mission. Earned bonuses can be used to purchase. Each stickman character gives a different amount. Accumulate enough to meet the required condition. From there, you can buy to play a new stickman in the journey of running and surfing.Download Freeze Rider

Modified MOD information of Freeze Rider

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of coins
  • Huge Amount Of gems diamond

Gold coins are used for trading activities in Freeze Rider. To be able to accumulate will need to complete the tasks in the levels. Reaching a high score will get a bigger amount. Besides, from collecting the golden keys. They appear randomly on some levels. When you accumulate enough 3 keys, you will be able to open a treasure chest. Option to open 3 out of 9 given chests. Then there will be a chance to receive a large number of gold coins for trading.

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Name ID Freeze Rider
Updated On 25/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Homa
Size 71MB
New version 1.9.5
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money coins gems diamond
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Update 25/05/2024 (2 days ago )