Gem Blast 24.0514.00 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins]
Gem Blast 24.0514.00 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins]

Gem Blast 24.0514.00 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Coins]

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Take on puzzle quests in the game Gem Blast. The content revolves around the girl Lily, who was turned into a golden cat by a dark curse. Accordingly, you will accompany the cat Lily to solve puzzles through levels. Conquer tough challenges in your adventure to break the curse. Follow the game’s content to solve matching-style puzzles. Collect rare gems and gems through levels for rewards. This game is built on the basis of 3D graphics. With sharp picture quality and vivid sound effects. Along with that is a unique game mechanism, helping you enjoy many interesting things. At the same time, there are many other features waiting to be discovered.

Gem Blast MOD APK – Together with Lily Cat Match Blocks To Find A Way To Break The Curse

Is a puzzle game but built completely new gameplay. Instead of match-3 puzzles like regular games. Here, the BitMango developer designed the pairing mechanism. The puzzle process is reproduced in a square format divided into several cells. Each square contains a square block with different colors and symbols. Includes red, yellow, blue, green, and orange blocks. More blocks will be unlocked after reaching the next levels. Through the pairing mechanism to perform the puzzle task. You just need to touch to select two blocks of the same color to collect. Soon the other colored blocks will drift from the top to fill.Game Gem Blast MOD

Puzzle by level

Do quests according to the game’s story. Unlock puzzle levels in sequence to test your abilities. Accompany Lily the cat to solve difficult puzzles. At each level, the system will give specific requirements for the task to be performed. For example, collect the specified number of blocks with the corresponding color. Or collect as many cubes with different colors as required. For example, match puzzles to collect 10 red cubes, 15 orange cubes, and more. There are many more quests that will be unlocked after reaching the next level.Ear Gem Blast MOD

The mission is getting harder with many changes

The difficulty of the quest will increase after starting a new level at Gem Blast. Accordingly, there will be many changing elements to increase the challenge in the puzzle process. Expressed through the appearance of colored blocks appearing in square frames. They are arranged randomly and blocks of the same color are scattered. Making it difficult for you to choose the required blocks to collect. Besides that, you also have to collect different cubes with an increased number. At the same time, on the square frame, there are also many obstacles that interfere. This will make it difficult for you to complete the task.Download Gem Blast MOD

Limit the number of puzzles

Similar to other puzzle games. At each level, there will be a certain number of puzzles. Accordingly, you will have to complete the task of collecting the specified number of colored blocks. Make sure to complete it before you run out of puzzles. On the contrary, if you do not collect enough while using up the number of turns. That will mean failure, and unable to pass the participation level. You’ll have to start over until you’re done before you can enter a new level.

Get gold coins and stars

The reward received after completing a puzzle level is gold coins bearing the cat’s paw symbol. Along with that will receive a gold star to accumulate. Accordingly, it should be noted that the amount of gold coins will correspond to the difficulty of the task. As well as achievements, expressed through the number of puzzles left after completing the mission. Thereby trying to collect enough square blocks with the least number of times possible. The remaining plays will be converted into gold coins, and each turn corresponds to a coin. Helps you to collect and accumulate in large quantities.Gem Blast MOD

The process of performing puzzle tasks in the game Gem Blast. You can use many support items. But it is necessary to pay attention to the number because they only have a certain limit. There are a number of items such as turtle shells, boosters, butterfly wings and more. Each type will bring a special ability when used. For example, boosters will collect vertical squares of the frame. Or the turtle shell helps you to collect all the squares of the same color. There is much more to be discovered after joining.

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Name ID Gem Blast: Magic Match Puzzle
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher BitMango
Size 45MB
New version 24.0514.00
MOD Info Unlimited Coins
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Update 11/06/2024 (3 days ago )