Giant Wanted 1.1.56 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Giant Wanted 1.1.56 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Giant Wanted 1.1.56 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Giants are destroying your beautiful city. Pick up your gun and attack as a sniper. Fight enemies and defend the city in Giant Wanted. This game is a single-player action game. There is no online multiplayer competition. There was also no support from any other allies. Experience in offline mode, you will have to perform the task yourself. Aim to shoot down the giant to protect the city. As well as many other areas where they appear. This game is designed with a stickman theme. Shapes of characters and giants in the form of stickmen with their own distinctive colors. Also provides a diverse gun system for you to use.

Giant Wanted MOD APK – Sniper the Giant Stickman To Defend the City

Become a sniper in the game Giant Wanted. Go on a mission to protect the city that is being ravaged by stickman giants. Follow the gameplay is opened with very simple operations. The intuitive control mechanism in the form of virtual is used. Need to touch and hold to center the gun and aim. Once you have located the position, just release your hand to shoot. The bullet will fly straight to the position you previously directed. With a simple and optimized operating mechanism. From there, it brings interesting gameplay and an easy experience. It is possible to destroy enemies with a sniper rifle from a long distance.Giant Wanted

Quests by game level

To fight stickman giants are attacking the city. You will have to perform tasks according to each level of the game. In the role of a sniper, in the first-person perspective aim and shoot. With a limited amount of ammo used in each mission. You will have to shoot accurately to destroy the enemy. Successfully protecting the city, helping everyone to live in peace. Then continue the journey to fight other giants. If you shoot all the bullets but still can’t kill the enemy. Will cause the city to be destroyed and no one can stop it. Meaning the mission failed and had to start over.Game Giant Wanted

Difficulty increased

Complete a level in the game Giant Wanted. Will continue to start a new quest. The difficulty will increase after each step to the next level. Many elements will be changed to increase the challenge. The scene unfolds in another area of ​​the city. Until the number of stickman giants increases. Especially when it comes to a certain stage, will have to fight enemies with superior abilities. Make your city defense mission impossible to complete. Because in the process of shooting will encounter many obstacles. Meanwhile, only a limited number of ammo can be used. But the distance between you and the stickman giant will be further and further away.Ear Giant Wanted

Get bonuses and percentage points

Complete each mission in Giant Wanted in turn. Will receive attractive rewards. Includes the number of gold coins corresponding to the difficulty of the task. As well as the achievements you achieve, expressed through the number of bullets used. Kill the giant with as few bullets as possible. From there will complete excellent tasks to receive maximum rewards. Besides, they also accumulate percentage points to unlock guns. Each completed level will be given a certain percentage increase. When reaching 100% will unlock a new sniper rifle. Help you achieve better results in the next matches. Thanks to the ability of the new gun to surpass before.

Multiple sniper rifles

The game Giant Wanted owns a diverse collection of guns. Includes uniquely designed sniper rifles. With the difference shown through the assembled parts. Along with the detailed evaluation parameters of power. For example range, launch, and damage. There are two different ways to get them. The first way as introduced above. Accumulate percentage points to unlock a new gun when reaching a certain level. The second way is to use the money to buy. But each gun will cost a different amount. So you need to accumulate enough and meet the conditions of each type to be able to buy.Download Giant Wanted

Modified MOD information of Giant Wanted

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • Huge Amount Of gems
  • no ads

In addition to unlocking new sniper rifles to change your attack style. Money can also be used to upgrade two different elements in Giant Wanted. Includes damage and percentage of bonuses received after completing the mission. The damage upgrade will cause the stickman giant to be destroyed with a single bullet. Upgrading the reward rate will help you get more coins after each level. But it should be noted, the amount to upgrade the next time will increase more.

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Name ID Giant Wanted
Updated On 11/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Size 115MB
New version 1.1.56
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 11/07/2024 (5 days ago )