God of Stickman 3 APK MOD [Ball, DPs]
God of Stickman 3 APK MOD [Ball, DPs]

God of Stickman 3 APK MOD [Ball, DPs]

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Continuing the content of the previous two parts of the game God of Stickman 3. Here publisher WN Yume builds content with many new features. From the character system with a larger number than before. Until the system of diverse tasks to perform. Along with that, the game mechanism is designed to be simple and optimized to bring the best experience. To increase the attraction when participating in the game in the 3rd part. Graphics are designed sharp with vivid 3D image quality. Along with that is the beautiful effect shown through the character’s skills. Combining dynamic and agile motion effects. Help you satisfy the feeling of fighting action in the skirmishes. It’s even more fun to be able to play in offline mode.

Description about God of Stickman 3 MOD APK – The Fight Between Stickman Heroes In The Arena

Get ready to take part in the game’s story mode battles. Unlock competitive levels in 1vs1 gameplay. At each level takes place a battle in the arena. Play as a stickman hero to compete with opponents. Use your character’s special attack moves. Combine with your fighting skills to take action. Attack accurately to deal damage to the opponent, causing their health to be reduced and depleted. The goal is to win by beating to complete the mission at a level. From there will be rewarded with dragon balls and skulls with the corresponding amount.God of Stickman 3 MOD

Many changes when reaching new levels

After winning a match, the system will open a new level. Keep participating to compete with another stickman opponent. Accordingly, many factors will be changed to increase the challenge. The opponent’s fighting skills are improved, reflected in the strength and style of attack. Make it difficult for you to defeat your opponent in a skirmish. Even if you run out of health first, you have to admit defeat. Also, when reaching a certain level in the journey. There are also many different bosses with superior abilities. For example Zeeno, Fiieza, Hitz, Jamaz, Black Gomuz,… and many more.Game God of Stickman 3 MOD


Through battles, the arena will be opened in many different locations. For example in arid deserts, snow-covered areas, rainbows in the sky, and on the winter town route. There are many other environments that will be unlocked when coming to the next levels. The difference between locations is reflected in the surrounding landscape. However, that will not affect the fighting process between stickman heroes.Tai God of Stickman 3 MOD

New mode in space

Currently, the game God of Stickman 3 is also updated with a new mode. Here you will be involved in the battle in space. But do not have to compete with stickman opponents in the arena. Instead, they will have to attack and destroy planets in space. Accordingly, in each match will have to perform the task of destroying planets with a specific number. After each successful destruction will receive rewards to accumulate. At the same time after completing a task can continue to come up with a new challenge. Continue to act to destroy other planets.

How to attack in planet destruction mode

The process of performing a mission to destroy outer space planets. Stickman hero will accumulate energy after each attack action. At the same time to perform destruction, it is necessary to go through the Pow bar. Accordingly, on the Pow bar, there is energy that automatically runs. This is the percentage of power released to affect the planet. You need to observe and touch accurately so that the energy stops on the Pow wall at the highest point. From there unleash the maximum power to successfully destroy the planet. Conversely, if the explosive energy is not enough, the planet is not destroyed, which means the mission fails.Download God of Stickman 3 MOD

Here God of Stickman 3 has many different characters. According to the information provided, there are more than 200 warriors and 30 ninjas. They are all stickman-style characters. Expressed through looks, hairstyles, clothes, and shapes. Along with that is the ability to fight, possessing its own unique set of attack skills. Besides, the strength of stickman heroes is also assessed through the indicators. Includes health, mana, and damage. Accordingly, go through the battles and get skill points. You can add to enhance the stats to improve the hero’s strength.

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Name ID God of Stickman 3
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher W N Yume
Size 94MB
New version
MOD Info Ball, DPs
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Update 09/05/2024 (2 weeks ago )