Grand Gangsters 3D {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)
Grand Gangsters 3D {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

Grand Gangsters 3D 2.6 APK MOD (Unlimited Money)

By The Toan - 29/05/2023 (9 months ago) - 24MB
Name Grand Gangsters 3D
Updated On 29/05/2023
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Size 24MB
Version 2.6
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Update 29/05/2023 (9 months ago )

What would you do in a free city? Choose the path to become a dangerous criminal. Or obey the law and enjoy a peaceful life. To find that answer in the game Grand Gangsters 3D. Will have to make their own decisions. Choose your path to become the person you want to be. With a series of different missions waiting ahead. As well as many areas in the city for you to explore. Along with many outstanding features to increase the experience. Help you enjoy extremely interesting gameplay. Be free to take any action to survive. As well as facing the dangers posed by his own actions. Moreover will be driving to participate in speed races on the road.

Download Grand Gangsters 3D – Free Life in Crime City

Grand Gangsters 3D opens a huge city. From the outside, it looks very peaceful. But it’s actually a free city. Where the law cannot prevent the illegal activities that take place every day. With the appearance of criminal elements. Also, the gangsters have taken over the whole city. A lot of criminal activity is done openly. Accordingly, you are also one of the citizens living in the city. You can choose your path by performing different actions. Obey the law and live peacefully with everyone. Or become a wanted criminal. Through killing, robbing, and driving vehicles to participate in races.Grand Gangsters 3D

There are 4 areas in 1 city

The city in the game Grand Gangsters 3D is divided into 4 different areas. Each area opens up a large map. Can move freely and explore unknown places. As well as a lot of criminals and illegal activities going on. Accordingly, one area of ​​the city will have to perform 6 tasks. That is also the challenge that you need to overcome. From the given condition and follow the rule. Complete each mission in turn to overcome 6 challenges. Then the new area will be unlocked. Over time the experience will have the opportunity to explore all areas of the city.Game Grand Gangsters 3D

Driving and fighting missions

The process of performing missions in Grand Gangsters 3D. Divided into two different forms, including fighting and driving. Accordingly, each form will open up its own unique gameplay and content. For driving duties, non-original vehicles can be used. Through attacking and robbing the cars off road users. Or use the car that you use your money to buy. Then move to the required location. Or step into speed races. In addition, there is a form of combat. You can attack criminals or civilians. By using the gun to fire bullets or perform physical attacks.Grand Gangsters 3D

Reward received

After completing a given mission in Grand Gangsters 3D. Based on difficulty and achievements. From there will receive a corresponding bonus. Accordingly, achievements are evaluated by the number of stars. Completing the given conditions will gain the corresponding number of stars. Help you get the maximum bonus for participating in missions. Not stopping there, the process of carrying out activities in the city. From killing civilians with guns or bare hands. Or drive racing cars on the streets. Then there will be an opportunity to collect money. They are dropped on the road so you can accumulate them. Can be used for transactional activities for shopping.

More than 10 types of weapons

According to information from the game, Grand Gangsters 3D was provided. There are more than 10 different weapons to equip the character. Those were guns with the ability to attack from long distances. Examples include rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns. There are also a number of different weapons such as daggers for melee attacks. Or grenades have the ability to create an explosion, dealing damage within a certain range. This causes people in the explosion range to lose a large amount of health. Besides, it is necessary to pay attention to guns. Each type possesses a limited number of ammo. Along with the reload time to reload the new magazine will not be the same.Download Grand Gangsters 3D

More than 5 vehicles for you to use to move around in the city of Grand Gangsters 3D. For example sports cars, pickup trucks, supercars, and many others. Each vehicle is designed with an impressive design. At the same time possessing outstanding performance. Can increase speed on the road to reach locations faster. Not stopping there, they also act as a layer of defense. Can protect you for a short period of time from enemy fire.