GT: Speed Club {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gold)
GT: Speed Club {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gold)

GT: Speed Club 1.14.61 APK MOD (Menu, Unlimited money and gold)

By The Toan - 16/05/2023 (10 months ago) - 58MB
Name GT: Speed Club
Updated On 16/05/2023
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Berga Games
Size 58MB
Version 1.14.61
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money and gold
Update 16/05/2023 (10 months ago )

Join the racers’ club in GT: Speed ​​Club. You will be participating in straight-line races. Compete with other racers around the world to show off your skills. To prove yourself as a professional racing driver. The game has omitted the challenges of a regular race. There are no winding roads, bends, and turns. Instead, only the accelerator and gearbox increase and decrease to operate. From there test your acceleration skills against opponents in a straight line. According to the information found in the introduction. There are many new features added to increase the experience. Many new racing vehicles unlocked, simulate realistic driving physics. Along with various racing modes to enjoy.

Download GT: Speed ​​Club – Speed ​​Race Happens On Straight Road

Get ready to step into the street speed races of GT: Speed ​​Club. With the simulation of realistic physics driving mechanics on the road. You need to combine rpm, gearshift, and accelerator to be able to operate the vehicle. Aim to increase the maximum speed in the shortest time to overcome the opponent. Successfully reach the finish line with the lead to win.

Follow the simple and intuitive control mechanism of the game. As mentioned earlier about the content of this game. There are no curves and turns, so there is no navigation feature. Instead, you just need to use the accelerator to accelerate. Simultaneously combine the gear shift operation, shown by the addition and subtraction paddle shifter icon to perform.GT- Speed Club

Story mode

Race in the story mode of the game GT: Speed ​​Club. Have the opportunity to compete with more than 20 other competitors. Those are race vehicles powered by AI. As each racing level takes place, you will compete in 1vs1 gameplay. Show off your speeding skills to the max and reach the finish line with the lead. Complete the straight race in the shortest time. From there will win and receive bonuses.

Keep coming to new racing levels. There is an opportunity to compete with other vehicles. But the difficulty also increases with the change in operability. The speed gained and acceleration on the road of the opponent will be superior to before. Makes it hard for you to reach the finish line first to win. But at the same time, the bonuses in later levels also increase more.Game GT- Speed Club

Online racing mode

Are you confident with your racing speed boost skills? Ready to participate in real player races? Come to the online mode of GT: Speed ​​Club. Here there are many racers from all over the world. They own their own racing cars. After connecting to the network to link to the server system. You will be randomly matched with another online racer on a straight track. Starting from the starting line, the time counts down to 0. Two hands will classify winners and losers based on the rule of the first to finish. Also, complete it as soon as possible. From there will win and receive the betting bonus for the participating race.

Online racing mode opens many betting levels. That difference is reflected in the amount of money to enter. Accordingly, you need to have the right amount of money to be able to pay the entrance fee. After completing the race compete with the opponent. If you win, you will receive the amount corresponding to the entry fee and vice versa.Download GT- Speed Club

Diverse racing car system

Over 70 different racing vehicles to explore. With a diverse collection of vehicles provided by GT: Speed ​​Club. You can find your favorite racing car. From classic cars to the latest cars. For example, sports cars, and supercars are manufactured by the world’s top famous brands. In particular, the vehicle system in the game is designed based on actual prototypes. Their performance is assessed by technical parameters. Including power, weight, gearbox, and Grip.Tai GT- Speed Club

To increase the experience for all players when participating in GT: Speed ​​Club. There are many different tournaments that open according to their own rules and themes. Includes free, knockout, daily happening, and competition. Each tournament opens up many speed races with the participation of racers. For example in the knockout tournament. You will race against each opponent on the road in turn. After winning can proceed to the next round. Continue to compete with other opponents until you find the champion of the tournament. From there will have the opportunity to receive valuable bonuses.