Guns and Spurs 2 {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited money and gems)
Guns and Spurs 2 {{version}} APK MOD (Unlimited money and gems)

Guns and Spurs 2 1.2.7 APK MOD (Unlimited money and gems)

By The Toan - 02/10/2023 (5 months ago) - 152MB
Name Guns and Spurs 2
Updated On 02/10/2023
Requires Android 7.0
Publisher Sakis25
Size 152MB
Version 1.2.7
MOD Features Unlimited money and gems
Update 02/10/2023 (5 months ago )

Get in the 3rd person perspective to join the action-adventure of Guns and Spurs 2. Through it to accompany the character in the game. In the opening scene in the Old West. This game is a game built in the style of shooting. The content takes place according to a story revolving around the character Jack Lane. From that journey, will have to perform a lot of different tasks. Have the opportunity to explore the vast desert land. As well as facing many dangers. Requires skill to overcome all challenges. Besides, the system also allows customizing the appearance. With many different options to change the look. At the same time have the opportunity to enjoy realistic graphics. Same intuitive control interface. Use simple and easy-to-perform actions.

Download Guns and Spurs 2 – Attack Criminals For Bounty Hunt

According to the story of the game Guns and Spurs 2. Opening the scene in the Old West region on the vast desert. There is a small town here, a place frequented by many passersby. Besides that, the appearance of outlaws. They are notorious criminals, wanted. With the danger of being able to attack anyone. Join the game to accompany the character Jack Lane. As a bounty hunter, just entered the town to enjoy a beautiful life. Wish not to be bothered by anyone. But face dangerous criminals. Jack Lane will have to take his own actions. In order to track down the most wanted people and find a way to arrest them. From there earn a huge bonus.Guns and Spurs 2

Explore many places

From performing the duties of a bounty hunter at Guns and Spurs 2. Through which will be explored a vast simulation world. Follow the open gameplay, set in the Old West. With so many different locations and areas for adventure. As well as learn about many factors, for example, environment and landscape. Shown through rugged mountains, green forests, fast flowing rivers. Or the town is full of life, with activities going on every day. Each location has been faithfully recreated. Thanks to high-quality graphics to simulate sharp images. Complete each mission in turn, arresting criminals. Over time, it is gradually possible to adventure to locations. Enjoy the lively and realistic environment in each area of ​​the Old West.Game Guns and Spurs 2

Open gameplay, quests, and other activities

Accompany the character Jack Jane to join the adventure of Guns and Spurs 2. Following the open gameplay will be able to move freely. Take actions on your own to discover. As well as facing wanted criminals. There is no better choice but to fight. Because only when they attack will they have a chance to catch them. From there, complete the task to receive the reward. By using the equipped weapon, aim accurately. Then pull the trigger to fire, hit the target, and kill. Not stopping there, through the process of playing will have to perform many other activities. Participate in horse racing to compete. Delivery to designated locations, grazing on the farm. Or will come across strangers on the street in need of help.Tai Guns and Spurs 2

There are 33 types of crimes, shooting skills

In the town in the Old West of Guns and Spurs 2. There are more than 33 different types of wanted criminals. They are targets that need to be captured and destroyed. Each crime is shaped in its own unique style. Simultaneously use different weapons to attack. Aim to escape your pursuit. From cowboy-style gunfights. There can be a danger, even loss of life if the crime is not eliminated. To prove to be a skilled bounty hunter. As well as wanting to make a lot of money. Precise shooting skills are required. Along with flexibility when performing tasks. Combine observation and movement for adventure. As well as attack, to destroy the enemy quickly.Download Guns and Spurs 2

MOD Feature of Guns and Spurs 2

  • Unlimited money and gems

Coming to Guns and Spurs 2, you can also customize the character. Here, to change the appearance and appearance of the character. Need to collect to unlock costumes and hats. Create an impressive cowboy-style bounty hunter. To increase the prominence when performing the task. As well as improve your ability against criminals. Besides, there are many different types of mounts, shown by skin color. For example, a black horse, a white horse, and a red rabbit,… Riding them will increase movement speed faster.