Hole.io MOD APK 2.5 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Outfits, Max Size, No Ads)
Hole.io MOD APK 2.5 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Outfits, Max Size, No Ads)

Hole.io MOD APK 2.5 (Unlimited Money, Unlocked Outfits, Max Size, No Ads)

By HY - 18/11/2023
Name Hole.io
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher VOODOO
MOD Features Unlimited Money, Unlocked Outfits, Max Size, No Ads
Size 162MB
Version 2.5
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 18/11/2023 (3 weeks ago )

Hole.io is a famous video game in the io genre, developed by Voodoo. This game puts players in the role of a small black hole. You aim to eat as many objects as possible to become as big as possible. Interestingly, players not only eat objects on the ground but can also eat them on the opponent’s surface. This creates fierce competition. In the game, the player moves his black hole around the map, eating objects such as trees, pedestrians, vehicles, and buildings. Each object the player eats will help their black hole expand. From there, you can eat larger objects. At the same time, players also need to avoid being eaten by other black holes. You must try to compete for the largest size on the leaderboard.

Download Hole.io – Competition of black holes

The .competition in the game Hole.io is a competitive experience. Players control black holes, trying to become as big as possible and dominate the map. This competition isn’t just about eating. It also requires combat skills, tactics, and predictability. Each player will control a black hole that moves across the map to eat as many objects as possible. Thereby, they will help you expand the size of the black hole. This not only helps them eat larger objects. It also increases their score and pushes them up the rankings. However, not only objects on the ground are the player’s target. They can also eat objects on their opponents’ surfaces. This creates competition both along the surface and in depth. Players try to attack their opponents and take their points. The competition becomes especially interesting when many players participate on the same map. Black holes will interact and compete to eat as many objects as possible. This creates dramatic situations. This is about equal competition and trying to surpass rivals.

Grow in size

Initially, in Hole.io, the player controls a small black hole. It can eat small objects such as people, trees, and vehicles. Every time it eats an object, the size of the black hole increases a little. This allows the black hole to eat larger objects and continue to grow. However, to grow their black hole to a large size, players need a thoughtful strategy. You need to identify areas with many large objects to eat. At the same time, take advantage of the situation to eat objects on the opponent’s surface. This requires flexibility in black hole movement and predictability to ingest essential objects. With size growth, the player’s black hole will become increasingly influential. It dramatically affects the competition on the map. Growing in size also means players become vulnerable targets. This creates tension and decisions. Players must balance between growing the black hole and protecting themselves from opponents.


Hole.io in-game leaderboard is the place to show the competition and achievements of players worldwide. It gives not only pride of being at the top of the list but also an incentive for players to work harder to achieve higher positions. Leaderboards are determined based on player scores. This score depends on the size of the black hole and how many objects they have eaten. Players can track their progress. Also, compare scores with other players on the rankings. The competition on the leaderboard is not only about growing the size of the black hole but also about the ability to compete with other players.

High-quality graphics

With bright colors and unique designs, Hole.io brings a geometric world with many unique designs and features for each map. Models of objects on the map are clearly shown, from walking people, trees, and buildings to black hole opponents. The scene changes continuously as the player moves, creating a sense of movement and adventure. Fun and catchy music creates excitement. The noise created by the black hole when eating objects or competing with opponents adds a sense of intrigue and consideration. The sound and sound effects also present the refreshment as the black hole grows.

Hole.io’s simplicity and ease of play have made this game so popular. It creates fun in competing with other players directly. This is also the environment for sophisticated tactics. Hole.io requires combat skills and orientation. Let’s show off your eating and drinking skills with MODLMH to reach the top of the leaderboards in this game.

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