Horizon 1.4.11 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Premium]
Horizon 1.4.11 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Premium]

Horizon 1.4.11 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money, Free Shopping, Premium]

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Horizon is a game built in the style of the scene. Follow the obstacle course gameplay in a vividly simulated space. With a combination of 3D graphics with colorful Leon lights. The setting unfolds on the paths of outer space. Your mission is to control the spaceship to fly forward and dodge obstacles. At the same time collect rare crystals to accumulate. Along with that is to perform different tasks that are opened each day. To increase the fun for players to join, a series of unique features are provided by the system. Have the opportunity to explore many impressively designed spaceships. At the same time, there are many different trails with challenges from the terrain.

Download Horizon MOD APK – Operate a Space Shuttle to Cross the Terrain

Rely on the content of the game to complete the quest, unlocking 100 different challenges. Through the missions that are taking place day by day. Each day opens a specific quest, asking for the number of crystals to collect and the distance traveled. Accordingly, you will control the spaceship to fly forward. Dodge obstacles in difficult terrain conditions. There must be no collision because that will lead to the destruction of the spacecraft. At the same time, the journey will end and must start again. To be able to complete the task in one day, it requires you to meet the given requirements. Furthermore, it is possible to demonstrate skills based on scores. Aim to surpass one’s own achievements previously achieved.Horizon MOD

The task gets harder when starting a new day

Continue the adventure the next day. The difficulty of the mission will increase with the challenge more difficult than before. Shown through the flight distance of the spacecraft will be longer, as well as the larger number of crystals to be collected. This can cause you to go through a lot of plays to complete the mission. But at the same time, the reward received is also more. To be able to pass the challenge for a day, you can pay a fee every time the spacecraft collides. By paying a certain amount of crystals to be revived and continue the journey without having to return to the original starting point. From there, speed up the progress to continue to the new task.Download Horizon MOD

Difficulty increases with flight distance

Besides the task will be more difficult every time you start a new day at Horizon. The difficulty in each flight of the spacecraft also increases with the distance traveled. Over time in space, the terrain will change constantly. Especially when reaching a certain stage, another space will be opened. Along with that are obstacles from the terrain such as rocks that create a narrow gap. At the same time, it is impossible to observe the whole, so there will be surprises that put the spacecraft in danger. Moreover, the sudden movement of obstacles will make the journey even more difficult.Game Horizon MOD

There are more than 40 uniquely designed spaceships

According to the information provided, currently, the game has more than 40 spaceships. They are used on off-road adventures. Each spaceship is uniquely designed. It can be seen through the body and wings, along with the motion effects are not the same. In particular, each spacecraft will create a rear light effect with different colors when operating. However, you need to pay a fee to own it. In addition to a spaceship provided at the beginning, the rest will have to be purchased with crystals.

Explore more than 25 trails

Through the process of operating spacecraft flying in space. You will have the opportunity to explore 25 different trails. With a combination of colorful Leon lights. Each trail is recreated in a space with its own unique lights. Along with that is the challenge of the terrain created on each trail. Make the spaceship you control can collide at any time. Because there will be surprises that require quick reflexes and precise skills to be able to overcome.Tai Horizon MOD

Although the game Horizon is engaged in offline mode. You can fully experience the freedom to perform tasks. But if you want to compare achievements with other players around the world or share your scores with friends. Can be connected to the network to use the online feature. At that time, there was also the opportunity to rise to the rankings, known by many people for their achievements.

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Name ID Horizon
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Ketchapp
Size 57MB
New version 1.4.11
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Free Shopping, Premium
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Update 11/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )