Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD APK 2.5.3 (Unlimited Money)
Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD APK 2.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Supermarket Tycoon MOD APK 2.5.3 (Unlimited Money)

By HN - 22/04/2023
Name Idle Supermarket Tycoon
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Codigames
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Size 92MB
Version 2.5.3
Category Simulation
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 22/04/2023 (1 month ago )

Idle Supermarket Tycoon simulates the work of a manager. Accordingly, you will have to make different decisions to grow your business. Aim to increase the profits of the supermarket to become a rich boss. To do that will need to meet people’s shopping needs. Help them buy what they want when they go to the supermarket. From there get satisfaction to continue to develop the supermarket. This game is an idle manager. With various challenges revolving around development. You as a manager in the supermarket. Will have to come up with business strategies, as well as build new stores. To diversify products sold to increase profits.

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Start working at a small supermarket in Idle Supermarket Tycoon. You will have to do a lot of different jobs. From the first customers to buy the product. After they pay at the cashier’s desk, then a profit will be collected. Based on the money earned, needs to be used to develop the supermarket. Select products to sell and open more stores. From there, there will be many new options for customers. Help them buy more things and feel satisfied when they come to your supermarket. This will lead to greater sales and more profits. Over time, it will gradually build into the largest supermarket in the world.Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Various products

A lot of different products are sold in the supermarket of Idle Supermarket Tycoon. Through opening more booths to sell products. Examples include bakeries, fruit and vegetable stalls, butchers, and high-quality produce. More will be selected to unlock in turn. Each product sold will have its own denomination. Also a supermarket manager. You will have to choose the best products to offer to your customers. Make sure they will feel satisfied after paying to buy the product. This will attract more and more customers to the supermarket.Game Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Hire staff at locations

To maintain the supermarket, as well as meet the shopping needs of customers in Idle Supermarket Tycoon. As a manager, you will have to make different decisions. This includes hiring employees. With positions that need their presence to operate the supermarket. Including cashier and sales staff, there are a number of other positions. To hire employees will have to pay their salaries. But you can force their sales to get a bigger profit. Not stopping there, depending on the position in the supermarket. Each employee will receive a different salary. You need to learn to pay the right salary and help them feel happy in the process of working.Tai game Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Parking expansion

There are many different client files in Idle Supermarket Tycoon. They can travel by vehicle or on foot. But over time, supermarkets have more and more people buying. Therefore, a large enough parking space is required. Help customers feel secure. On the contrary, if the parking lot has no space for them to leave. It is possible that customers will leave, making your supermarket lose the opportunity to increase sales. Accordingly, you need to use the proceeds from the supermarket business. From there invest to expand parking. At the same time, divide each parking position to be able to accommodate more vehicles.

Marketing strategy

To earn more profit from customers after entering the supermarket at Idle Supermarket Tycoon. As a manager, in addition to the above jobs. You also have to come up with a marketing strategy. To sell more products to potential customers. By choosing the best products to recommend. Also, offer a reasonable price that they can buy. From potential customers, if meet their needs. You will make a big extra profit. Instead of just getting a small amount of money from the product they originally intended to buy.Download Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Customer opinions and feedback is one of the most important factors. At Idle Supermarket Tycoon, is similar. Let your supermarket grow up, and attract more customers to shop. Need to meet the shopping needs of previous customers. In order to receive positive reviews and satisfaction from them. Then more people will come to your supermarket to buy.

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