Jelly Juice 1.142.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of lives/ coins]
Jelly Juice 1.142.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of lives/ coins]

Jelly Juice 1.142.3 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of lives/ coins]

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Join the adventure in the game Jelly Juice. Follow the puzzle gameplay combined with match-3 elements. You will enjoy exciting levels revolving around collecting sweets. Based on the game’s plot revolves around the character Jinny. Through the journey help Mr. Gummy Bunny conquer challenges to create cakes. Accordingly, you will have to perform tasks through levels with specific requirements to perform. Besides it increases the experience for all players. A series of unique features are provided by the system. From sharp image quality to stunning effects when performing puzzles. Along with sound simulated lively and fun style.

Jelly Juice MOD APK – Match-3 Puzzle To Collect Sweet Candy

Build gameplay in the form of match-3 puzzles. Similar to games with such themes. You will adopt a square or other shape to perform the puzzle. Thereby divided into many small squares, each square corresponds to an object used to solve match-3 puzzles. According to the mechanism in place, perform a touch and drag operation to move the object. Accordingly, a minimum combination of 3 or more similar objects must be created. Furthermore, it is possible to create combos with more combinations. Through horizontal or vertical, there will collect puzzle items. Immediately after that, the items above will float down to fill. Continue the puzzle until the task is completed to finish a level.Jelly Juice MOD

More than 4000 puzzle levels

According to the information provided about the mission system is played out with more than 4000 levels. Unleash a challenging match-3 puzzle adventure. Each level takes place with the appearance of different objects. They are sweet candies designed with unique shapes and colors. Includes oranges, cakes, yellow candies, blue stars, and more. Accordingly, you will have to collect the required number of candies. Also, make sure to complete a limited number of puzzles. From there, you will receive rewards and prove your achievements through scores. Then continue to new levels with many changing elements.Game Jelly Juice MOD

Many changes when reaching new levels

The challenge will increase after starting a new level at Jelly Juice. Accordingly, many things will be changed to bring difficulties. Make it difficult for you to complete the task, requiring new skills and thinking to overcome. Shown through the appearance of sweet candies in square format. The same candies appear scattered, difficult to merge in the form of match-3 to collect. At the same time, when coming to a higher level, there will be more obstacles to hinder. For example, the sweet candies are covered with a layer of jelly so you can’t move them to combine. Besides, the number of candies to collect will increase even more.Thai Jelly Juice MOD

Achievements are expressed through the number of stars

Achievements in each match-3 puzzle level are judged by the number of stars. Each star will correspond to the number of points achieved through each puzzle turn. Accordingly, to increase achievement points, it is necessary to create combos in a puzzling turn. Or complete the mission with as few turns as possible. Through it to take advantage of the remaining turns and transform into special candies. From there automatically create combos to increase the score. If you successfully complete the task, you can achieve a high score with a maximum number of 3 stars.Download Jelly Juice MOD

Create special candies

To create combos can use special candy or support items. Accordingly, do a match-3 puzzle with a large number of merged candies. From there create special candies with different shapes. For example bombs, boosters, colorful bombs, and others. Usage is quite simple, in the next puzzle turn if you can merge candy with special candy. From there will create explosions at a certain range or vertically and horizontally. Allows you to collect in large quantities many types of candy at the same time. There are many other interesting things to be discovered after joining.

Besides the special candies used in the game Jelly Juice. You can also use 3 different types of support items. But it should be noted that the quantity because each type has a certain limit. Accordingly, each item used will bring a unique special ability. For example, the magnet attracts the specified candies. Or the hammer can break the outer jelly of the candy. There are some other items waiting for you to discover.

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Name ID Jelly Juice
Updated On 21/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher redBit games
Size 291MB
New version 1.142.3
MOD Info Unlimited lives/ coins
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Update 21/06/2024 (2 days ago )