Magic Rampage 6.2.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Magic Rampage 6.2.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Magic Rampage 6.2.4 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Magic Rampage belongs to the role-playing RPG genre. Incorporate exciting platformer action gameplay. Unleash a challenging dungeon adventure. With dangerous enemies, and deadly obstacles. The same mysterious unknown areas, waiting to be discovered. Through it will find many valuable rewards. There is a chance to collect resources, as well as rare loot. You can also meet NPC characters to join them in the battle against the boss. The action gameplay is played out in many modes. Here, you will play as one of the different heroes. Choose your own style of attack. Also enjoy classic, best-reviewed graphics from the ’90s. Bring a puzzler to a 16-bit design.

Magic Rampage MOD APK – Become a Hero for Dungeon Adventure

Coming to Magic Rampage , you will be selected to play the role of a hero. Divided into many different character classes. Including warriors, magicians, knights, forgers, and thieves. There are a few other characters to learn when participating. They are all heroes with their own fighting abilities. Outstanding attack style. For example, become a warrior to make an adventure. You can flexibly attack with mobile enemies. Or take advantage of the mage’s ability to create power. Can kill enemies from long range. Besides, each character is also equipped with appropriate weapons and costumes. From there increase the combat stats to be stronger.Tai Magic Rampage

Campaign mode

Get ready to enter the dungeon according to the campaign mode of Magic Rampage. Through that will be venturing into the swamp. Or explore the mysterious castle or in the jungle with dangers. At the same time, open quests according to each story. Play as a hero to start the adventure. Overcome obstacles, and destroy enemies to move forward. From there, complete the challenge for a chance to get a bonus. The difficulty will increase day by day after starting a new story. The terrain will change, represented by the complexity of the moving environment. Along with the number of enemies and traps will be more than before. Makes you face a lot of challenges. But the reward received after that will be more valuable.Magic Rampage

Online mode, weekly challenge

Test the hero’s strength can come online mode. Here, Magic Rampage opens multiplayer matches in the dungeon. The terrain will be randomly generated with obstacles and traps. You can challenge your friends to compete, to find the winner. From there demonstrate individual skill and strength. At the same time fight competitively to increase your ranking. Get a chance to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Not stopping there, every week will have interesting challenges. Every player needs to comply with the conditions and must complete them. After that, you will receive many attractive rewards from the gold chest. The weekly challenge will have different requirements. It is possible for a limited time or excellent achievement with the maximum number of stars.Game Magic Rampage

In Survey mode, many enemies

Test your hero’s fighting ability in a survival battle. Through the survey game mode of Magic Rampage. Similar to other modes in terms of the appearance of enemies. Includes terrifying monsters, and demons from hell. For example, giant dragons, falling, ghosts, undead, or even bosses. Each enemy has its own special ability. Shown through resistance and attack. According to this mode, you will have to fight non-stop in the dungeon. Fight the dangers to be able to survive the longest. Maintain life for as long as possible. From there will receive bonuses, unique equipment, and weapons. But to win impressively. Need to combine your skills to help the hero fight flexibly.Download Magic Rampage

In the dungeon adventure of Magic Rampage. Heroes can use a variety of weapons. With hundreds of categories divided into many elements. Consists of fire, water, light, darkness, and air. Possess a huge collection of weapons to discover. Choose one that matches the hero’s abilities. That will bring more efficiency in battles. There are several types such as swords, knives, darts,… and many more. To possess them needs to be collected from the battle. Or through trading activities when meeting NPC characters. They will provide a diverse booth to choose an exchange.

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Name ID Magic Rampage
Updated On 19/06/2024
Requires Android 4.1
Publisher Asantee
Size 113MB
New version 6.2.4
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Update 19/06/2024 (5 days ago )