Major Mayhem 15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems, unlock all weapons]
Major Mayhem 15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems, unlock all weapons]

Major Mayhem 15 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of Money and gems, unlock all weapons]

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Major Mayhem uses a horizontal perspective. Recreate a war according to many different missions. Through the story of Major Mayhem in the process of saving the world. At the same time find the love of his life is captured by evil forces. Accordingly, there will be an extremely tense and violent attack. With content built in the style of action shooting. Besides, promises to open up interesting battles. Playable offline is completely free. There will be opportunities to explore many modes according to different shooting content. As well as many types of guns are unlocked for a variety of attacks. Along with a rich system of costumes, to change the character’s appearance style. Combine vivid 3D environments in many realistic locations.

Major Mayhem MOD APK – Accompany Major Mayhem in Shooting Missions

The story of Major Mayhem revolves around Major Mayhem. As a rookie in the army, with a muscular body. Regularly hold a cigarette in their mouth and have a scratched beard. During a mission, the major’s lover was kidnapped. The reason is said to be the time working in the army. He caused many troubles for the forces of darkness. This made them determined to take revenge. After receiving news that his lover was captured by evil forces. Major Mayhem has decided to put himself in danger. Equip the gun and some support weapons to start the journey. An action adventure that takes place in multiple locations is reimagined. Aim to destroy the enemies that stand in the way, the goal is to rescue the lover.Game Major Mayhem

Over 45 levels and badges achieved

Following the story of the action game Major Mayhem. Unlock 45 levels of play according to each gradually difficult task. Each level will take place in a shooting battle. Accompanying Major Mayhem in the implementation process. Aim to shoot accurately to destroy dangerous enemies. They appear along the moving route and hide behind obstacles. Make you have flexible and accurate shooting skills. After dealing with all enemies and move to the end of the path. A helicopter was waiting to be taken away. Move to the helicopter’s parking spot and climb up. Then complete the mission and get the reward. Includes gold coins with the amount corresponding to the difficulty of the task. At the same time, each level will be assessed through a badge.Major Mayhem

Difficulty increased, combat skills

Continue the quest in the new level of Major Mayhem. The difficulty will increase with changes in many factors. The number of enemies to kill will be more than before. Those are black ninjas that use darts to attack. At the same time, the environment will be changed when reaching a certain stage. Get the chance to explore locations such as tropical, urban, and desert areas. Moreover, the enemy’s combat ability will be improved, more superior. Creates difficult challenges that can even take the life of a major. To be able to overcome all challenges in the fierce battle. Skill requirements must be very flexible, combining many factors. From a horizontal perspective to see where enemies appear and hide. Quickly use the gun and shoot accurately. At the same time, hide safely behind rocks and tree trunks.Tai Major Mayhem

There are 4 game modes, hundreds of achievements

Currently, the Major Mayhem game has 4 different modes. It is completely free to play but needs to meet the requirements of the system. Through killing a sufficient number of enemies. From there will unlock each mode in turn. Includes mission, bomb, entertainment, and survival modes. Each mode unlocks its own content. Revolving around the shooting war of Major Mayhem. With gameplay in the style of running and shooting. Aim to attack enemies on moving routes. From the participating game, modes will have the opportunity to achieve hundreds of different achievements. Each achievement will correspond to a skill performed successfully. Therefore, it can be said that skill is one of the most important factors. It is necessary to constantly improve to be able to get better results in each battle.Download Major Mayhem

More than 20 weapons are provided by Major Mayhem. Includes guns with many unique attack styles. For example automatic firearms, bazookas, Miniguns, Quadzookas,… and many more. Each type of gun possesses impressive abilities. Can attack uniquely to damage enemies. This causes them to be destroyed after being hit by bullets. Besides, you can also unlock 42 new costumes and hats. Each type, after equipping major Mayhem, will change its appearance. As well as increasing defense and health.

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Name ID Major Mayhem
Updated On 17/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher [adult swim] games
Size 42MB
New version 15
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited money and gems, unlock all weapons
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