Metal Soldiers 2 2.89 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]
Metal Soldiers 2 2.89 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

Metal Soldiers 2 2.89 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Money]

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Continue the fight against the rebels in the second part Metal Soldiers 2. The content is a continuation of the previous version. Revolving around action shooting missions to counter enemy forces. Those are the rebel rebels trying to attack. They have caused large-scale wars. Causing the cities of many countries to collapse. To prevent the enemy from continuing to plot domination. You as a special forces soldier of the army. It will be on a mission to stop the dangers taking place in the ruined city. Through the weapon system equipped to fight. Only by destroying all enemies and wiping out the rebel rebels can victory be won.

Metal Soldiers 2 MOD APK – Fight Against Rebel Forces

Before entering the fight in Metal Soldiers 2. You can choose the character to play the role. Each person is shaped by their own unique look. After playing the role of a hero will begin to perform the task. Revolving around level-by-level battles. You need to perform different attack actions. As well as quickly move flexibly to dodge and hide. To protect yourself against fierce attacks from enemies. Remember, only when wiping out all the floating rebels on the battlefield. From there it is possible to end the match of a level. The meaning will complete the task to receive the reward.Metal Soldiers 2

Perform missions at each level

In each level battle of Metal Soldiers 2. Will have to perform the task under different conditions. Still revolves around the attack against the rebel rebels. But need to complete in real-time. Or successfully rescue hostages being held by the enemy. There are many other missions, with difficult challenges waiting ahead. After going through a battle process, will step on the army helicopter waiting at the end of the road. From there will complete the task to receive the reward. Based on the number of enemies killed, will receive the corresponding reward.Game Metal Soldiers 2

Difficulty increased

The battle will get bigger and bigger every time you enter the next level of Metal Soldiers 2. There are many changes to make the game even more intense. The number of rebels increased even more. The distance traveled to overcome the challenges is further than before. At the same time, there are many more enemies equipped with modern weapons. Causing you to lose your life at any time if you don’t focus. Or not be able to stop and wipe out the entire rebel. In parallel with the increasing difficulty, the amount of money received also increased more than before.


The combat environment of Metal Soldiers 2 has been recreated in a ruined setting. The terrain is designed to be rugged, making it difficult to move. With housing construction destroyed. Large wooden crates, and many old broken containers. These are obstacles that hinder movement. Many more will open up with new levels. However, they are also factors for you to deploy an attack strategy. Can be used to dodge attacks from enemies. From there continue to move forward to perform the task. Aim towards the finish line at the end of the path to board the helicopter.Metal Soldiers 2

Many enemies and bosses

The process of performing the mission in Metal Soldiers 2. The goal is to wipe out all the rebels. Accordingly, it will have to fight many different forces. Terrorist soldiers are armed with guns and swords. They will rush to suicide attacks to achieve the goal. It is to take the hero’s life so that no one can stop their plot. In addition, there are remote control planes attached to bombs. Will explode after impact. Not stopping there, sometimes even facing the boss of the rebels. Capable of surpassing ordinary enemies.

Game mechanics, using a variety of equipment

According to the mechanics of the game Metal Soldiers 2 in the process of fighting. The hero can jump up, sit down and move left, and right. Can also carry grenades to throw, causing a large area explosion. As well as equipment to use a variety of weapons. In addition to the default gun to fire an unlimited number of bullets. From the army, chests will find many other types of guns. But the number of bullets in each gun is limited.Download Metal Soldiers 2

Modified MOD information of Metal Soldiers 2

  • Huge Amount Of Money

In Metal Soldiers 2 , there is also a chance to collect an extra time clock. Help you to keep fighting when the time is coming to an end. Sometimes even control an attack robot or an armored tank. They appear randomly at a location on the road. When used, it is possible to fight superiority.

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Name ID Metal Soldiers 2
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Play365
Size 135MB
New version 2.89
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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