Mr Ninja 2.36 APK MOD [Unlocked weapons, characters]
Mr Ninja 2.36 APK MOD [Unlocked weapons, characters]

Mr Ninja 2.36 APK MOD [Unlocked weapons, characters]

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From the information introduced by the publisher Lion Studios. Opens a game that is followed from the previous version. Accordingly builds into a game with a similar theme, but completely new content. Through Mr Ninja to be enjoyed. Enjoy slash-style gameplay, performed by a ninja. Mission to destroy enemies in many different locations. This game is incorporated puzzle elements. Revolving around using swords to slash enemies. Aim to pass puzzles in various chapters. Also, have the opportunity to explore the locations after each chapter. The same system of diverse tasks for you to perform. Then there will be the opportunity to unlock many new weapons to continue the journey.

Description about Mr Ninja MOD APK – Become a Ninja Perform Slashes to Solve Puzzles

Come to Mr Ninja to discover unique puzzles. From there use the sword to perform the action of slashing the enemy. To test your creative thinking in solving puzzles. Through the swipe mechanism, it creates sharp slashes. Use your intelligence to deceive your enemies. Quickly create decisive slashes to make them lose their lives. Accordingly, travel through many levels to face different enemies. Requires your calculation to execute each slash accurately. Incorporate realistic physics to take advantage of surrounding objects. Create a movement to indirectly kill enemies. How many challenges can you complete from there? Did you discover all the chapters?Mr Ninja

Quests by level

Build gameplay in offline mode. Experience completely free after downloading Mr Ninja. From there will have the opportunity to explore the diverse mission system. Divided into several levels that take place in each chapter. Role-play as an armed ninja. You will use the sword to perform slashing actions. Aim to kill all enemies at different locations at a level. After completing the mission will go to a new level. The difficulty will increase with many variable factors. Complete each mission in turn to pass the levels. Then the system will unlock the new chapter. At the same time, the environment will be changed accordingly—which promises to bring an exciting puzzle journey.Game Mr Ninja

The increasing difficulty, the number of stars

As introduced about the difficulty of Mr Ninja. Will increase after each start of a new level. The terrain changes with the appearance of enemies at various locations. Along with surrounding objects. From there create difficult puzzles. Makes you observant and focused to think. Aim to kill all enemies with a single slash. Accordingly, each puzzle level is represented by the number of stars. In each mission that takes place, you can successfully complete it with the maximum number of stars. To do that will have to meet the condition in each sentence. For example, just one slash can wipe out enemies at positions.Mr Ninja


Explore locations where puzzles take place in Mr Ninja. Each chapter will unlock a new site. The difference is reflected in the surrounding environment. Along with the landscape and topographical conditions. In particular, each location will take place on many levels with puzzles. But each level opens a new terrain, with no repetition. That means the answer to each puzzle will never be the same. The example in the first chapter opens in a town, recreating a sunset. Continue to the second chapter set in a city. Along with the environment takes place with fresh weather conditions. There are many more locations to be discovered after completing the chapters.

Many enemies

Through the puzzles in Mr Ninja. Will have to destroy many different enemies in each chapter. Including zombies, ninjas, spies, agents, or even aliens. There are many more enemies to face after many new levels. The difference between them is reflected in the shape of their own unique style. Simultaneously use a variety of weapons. But that doesn’t affect the course of your quest. Because they stand motionless at a certain position in the terrain. You just need to find a way to kill them all with the least amount of slashes possible.Download Mr Ninja

Modified MOD information of Mr Ninja

  • MOD Menu
  • Huge Amount Of Money
  • unlock all characters
  • no ads

Ninja in Mr Ninja can use many different types of swords. The game possesses a diverse collection of weapons. Includes many uniquely designed swords. The difference between each type is reflected in the style and length. Moreover, there is a chance to unlock the trident and many other weapons. However, if you want to own them, you need to use the bonus. Through trading in the game store. Or win each level in turn to get accumulated points. When 100% is reached, you will receive a new sword.

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Name ID Mr Ninja
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Lion Studios
Size 35MB
New version 2.36
MOD Info Unlocked weapons/characters
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Update 09/05/2024 (3 weeks ago )