Ninja Arashi 1.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Diamonds]
Ninja Arashi 1.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Diamonds]

Ninja Arashi 1.8 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Gold, Diamonds]

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Enter the adventure of a ninja-style character in Ninja Arashi. Open up a challenging journey that awaits ahead. Follow the role-playing gameplay combined with mixed RPG elements. Along with that is an intense platformer-style action mechanism. You will accompany the ninja Arashi against the forces of darkness commanded by Orochi. Use equipped weapons and combine them with skills to attack enemies. The goal is to beat them all and move forward to fulfill the assigned task. This game belongs to the genre of action games. Experience in offline mode with many interesting features. Besides, there is a unique design of the graphic art style of shadow art.

Ninja Arashi MOD APK – Adventure Through Trials To Rescue Son

The story of the game revolves around the character Arashi. He is a legendary ninja possessing strong fighting abilities. After choosing to stay hidden, do not want to participate in the war. But an unexpected thing happened that left him with no choice but to restart his assassination activity. Accordingly, the demons of the dark forces under Orochi’s barrier kidnapped Arashi’s son. Now to rescue his son from danger. He will have to enter the challenging journey that awaits him. Face terrifying demons and treacherous terrain. Just a small mistake can cost your life.Ninja Arashi MOD

There are 3 maps

The adventure to save the son of ninja Arashi will be opened on 3 different maps. Consists of mysterious forests, ruined mountain ravines, and vast graveyards. In each map, the context is not the same. Expressed through surroundings, landscapes, and colors. Along with that are the deadly challenges from the terrain. They hindered Arashi from moving forward. At the same time, it can take a life if it collides. For example, sharp thorns, spears stuck on tombstones and deep terrain. Spike traps, erupting potions, and more. Besides will have the opportunity to explore mysterious areas. They are hidden by the terrain, and when found and entered can get many valuable treasures.Tai Ninja Arashi MOD

More than 45 adventure levels

Through the maps in the game Ninja Arashi. From there opens the adventure with 45 different levels. At each level takes place a journey containing countless challenges. Accompany the ninja Arashi to start an adventure on a journey. The quest to uncover unknown mysteries, and collect valuable items. Simultaneously fight monsters and demons that get in the way. Try to destroy them before being attacked to survive. Moreover, you have to overcome difficult terrain and avoid obstacles and traps. The goal is to reach the end of the way to complete the mission at a level.Download Ninja Arashi MOD

Take action

The adventure unfolds in the levels. Ninja Arashi uses the sword as an offensive weapon. Fight scary monsters and demons to destroy. But besides that, there are many other skills that can be performed. For example, throwing darts to deal damage from long distances. Or break the earthen jars to search to collect money. Perform stealth magic, turning yourself into a log to avoid observation from enemies. But this skill can only be used for a certain amount of time. In particular, it is also possible to jump in double steps, thereby jumping higher to easily overcome terrain and obstacles.Game Ninja Arashi MOD

Upgrade skills

To enhance the ninja’s fighting ability. You need to upgrade skills through the use of gold coins and diamonds. They are collected on journeys after defeating enemies or found in mysterious areas. Use the resources you get to upgrade each skill in turn. Thereby improving the attribute stats, helping the character to use it more effectively on new journeys. For example, the stealth technique turns into a log, after upgrading it will increase the stealth time.

Go through the adventure levels in the game Ninja Arashi. You can also change the character’s appearance. Go through different outfits to customize. For example Thethinker, Assassin, Goldensexy,… and many more. Each outfit is shaped in its own unique style. At the same time, it provides an outstanding shadow movement effect during the journey. However, to be able to own a new outfit, you will have to use the money to buy it.

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Name ID Ninja Arashi
Updated On 09/05/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Black Panther
Size 70MB
New version 1.8
MOD Info Unlimited Gold, Diamonds
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Update 09/05/2024 (1 month ago )