Omega Legends {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Quick Shoot, Jump, Wallhack)
Omega Legends {{version}} APK MOD (Menu, Quick Shoot, Jump, Wallhack)

Omega Legends 1.0.77 APK MOD (Menu, Quick Shoot, Jump, Wallhack)

By The Toan - 17/10/2022 (1 year ago) - 791MB
Name Omega Legends
Updated On 17/10/2022
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher IGG.COM
Size 791MB
Version 1.0.77
MOD Features Menu, Quick Shoot, Jump, Wallhack
Update 17/10/2022 (1 year ago )

Action in the fierce battles of Omega Legends. Unlock game modes according to their own content to recreate the match. Plays out in a real-time competitive survival style. Have the opportunity to meet and fight with hundreds of different opponents. Through it maintains life and finds a way to survive before dangerous enemies. This game is a combination of many elements. From action shooting to strategy and survival. Everything takes place on an open map, set in a fantasy future. Moreover, to recreate fierce battles. As well as bringing intense competition between rivals. Lots of unique features added. Have the opportunity to use a variety of guns and support items. As well as enjoy the novelty of vivid 3D graphics.

Download Omega Legends – Competitive Shooter Survival War

Omega Legends game is a genre of shooting game. Built-in battle royale-style gameplay. Simulate the setting of a fantasy world in the future. From battles taking place in ever-changing terrain to expanding. You will play as one of the characters participating in the battle. Unleash your special ability to compete with hundreds of other opponents. In a large arena can move freely. As well as freely deploying their own attack strategy. Aim to be the last one standing to win. Moreover, it increases the experience of more diverse gameplay. You can choose and fight alone or team up with teammates. Enter the battle to hunt for targets, surprise raids, and take all actions to survive.Omega Legends

Character system

Omega Legends owns special characters and has different fighting abilities. With a diverse character system provided by the system. The difference between them is not only depicted through their appearance. It is also represented by its own strength patching skills. In the arena, any character can become the ruler. But to do that will need your skills and experience. Take action in raid gameplay, supporting healing, defense, and bursting attacks. Depending on the character, there will be unique abilities, which can be promoted to high efficiency. From taking advantage of their power at critical moments in the war. Then you will gain an advantage over the enemy force. Increase the survival rate higher to have a chance to win.Ear Omega Legends

Game mode

According to the information provided, about the game mode of the game Omega Legends. Can enjoy attractive competition in different modes. Typical are battle royale survival mode and stealth campaign mode. Accordingly, the battle royale is a classic mode to be joined by hundreds of other players. They are all online shooters from all over the world. The content takes place in the style of shooting to find the last survivor. Battles will be fiercely recreated. Along with the ferocity of the forces during the attack. The ultimate goal is to win. From then on, he became a champion in the large arena. Besides, the all-new stealth campaign mode. With the task of destroying and sweeping opponents on the battlefield.Download Omega Legends

Types of guns, supporting weapons

From battles to Omega Legends ‘s game modes. Get a chance to use a variety of guns to perform competitive missions. They are all inspired by real life. Each offers a distinct shooting experience, with its own uniqueness. For example, attack violently with guns capable of continuous firing. Or present yourself as a sniper with high accuracy. Depending on your playstyle choose the right gun for your fighting style. Then it will bring better efficiency in the arena. Moreover, there are many items that are used during the battle. Can use smoke grenades, bright to limit the enemy’s vision. Or use exploding ammunition to cause a huge explosion. It is even possible to place mines, to activate the ability to deal extensive damage.Game Omega Legends

To recreate large-scale competitive wars in Omega Legends. The map will be designed in an expanded style. The difference in terrain will be shown as extremely impressive. Recreate a large world in the process of fighting. Every player can freely move anywhere. Thanks to the expanded terrain feature when moving. Along with that, each location on the map will appear with many different types of items. Can be collected to equip yourself. Enhance combat and defense power, aiming against other opponents.