Pako 3 {{version}} APK MOD (Unlock Car)
Pako 3 {{version}} APK MOD (Unlock Car)

Pako 3 1.0.5 APK MOD (Unlock Car)

By The Toan - 11/07/2023 (8 months ago) - 50MB
Name Pako 3
Updated On 11/07/2023
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Tree Men Games
Size 50MB
Version 1.0.5
MOD Features Unlock Car
Update 11/07/2023 (8 months ago )

Have you ever experienced the feeling of being chased by the police force? Based on that theme, publisher Tree Men Games has built it into a Pako 3 game. This is a racing video game. The content revolves around the journey to escape from police vehicles. Those were the cars they used to chase. Accordingly, you will control your vehicle on the road. Dodge, dodge, and swing to escape the pursuit. The goal is to survive for as long as possible. Achievements in this game are shown by the number of stars. At the same time, the system provides many different facilities. Can be used to better affect the escape. Along with that is a series of challenges waiting for you ahead.

Download Pako 3 – Drive Away From The Police Chase

More than 30 engaging chase levels are provided by Pako 3. At each level participate, and follow the open gameplay. Your task is to control the car on the road. Move freely in your own way, and escape the pursuit from the police force. Accordingly, it will recreate the extremely intense chase. Police vehicles appeared in large numbers. They will rush directly to attack, in order to make your car explode. According to the conditions given in each level, with many different challenges. Revolving around driving survival for as long as possible. After completing each condition in turn pass a level of play. From there, you can continue your escape journey in the new mission.Pako 3

Increasing difficulty

Each new level is opened in Pako 3. The difficulty will increase when entering the next mission. With different elements revolving around the getaway driving operation is changed. Environmental conditions take place in a different context. Along with terrain designed to create difficulty when moving. Especially will face a large number of police cars more than before. Those factors will make it difficult for your life to fulfill the requirement. This will challenge your driving skills. There must be flexibility during operation on the road. Find ways to escape the chase from the police.Game Pako 3

Achievements by number of stars

Performance in each race of Pako 3 is shown by the number of stars. According to the given conditions of survival time of each level. With ascending order from the 30s, 50s, 80s, and 120s. Through it, a mission can reach a maximum of 4 stars. But to compete with the best achievement. It will probably have to go through many times participating in the race. Based on the total number of stars achieved after racing levels. From there, the system will unlock more races with more interesting tasks. But it will also increase the challenge for you to be difficult to complete.Tai Pako 3

Earn gold coins

The gold coins are the element used to trade in Pako 3. Accordingly, it is possible to earn money by running away from the police force. By demonstrating the technique to slide over other vehicles, there will be gold coins. Or through the police cars. Show your skills with flexibility to dodge and dodge. Also, cause those vehicles to collide with each other when chasing you. Each destroyed police car will generate a large amount of money. Through which to drive the moving past will collect. But need to be aware of the gold coins that appear on the road. They are only visible for a certain period of time. Then will automatically disappear, causing you to lose the opportunity to collect.

Unlock multiple vehicles

Lots of different vehicles for you to unlock. Those are racing cars provided by Pako 3. Help you on your mission to escape from the police. Learn about the operation of each vehicle. Their ability is expressed through 3 factors. Includes maximum speed, health to survive, and control. Each vehicle is designed in a unique style. Expressed through unique designs and colors. Moreover, they are all simulated in the form of models. However, to be able to own it will need to use money.Download Pako 3

The driving mechanism in Pako 3 is quite simple. Do not use virtual arrow keys to control. Accordingly will be a hidden design. Make it easy to use to operate the escape race car. By touching and holding left, and right to navigate. As well as the car will automatically increase the speed according to the operation of each vehicle used. Simultaneously combine touching both sides at the same time to brake. As well as performing risky drift techniques to drift on the escape route.