Pixel Gun 3D  24.6.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of coins gems, all guns unlocked, aimbot]

Pixel Gun 3D 24.6.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of coins gems, all guns unlocked, aimbot]

By The Toan - (Period 4 days ago)
Pixel Gun 3D  24.6.5 APK MOD [Menu LMH, Huge Amount Of coins gems, all guns unlocked, aimbot]

Besides PUBG Mobile, Pixel Gun 3D is also an extremely popular battle royale game in the mobile gaming community. It attracts hundreds of millions of players around the globe, and that is a testament to its appeal. So, what’s so special about this game? It brings you dozens of modes, hundreds of weapons and skins, and a huge 3D open environment for survival. It is a playground that connects many players in fun and competitive battle royale battles. Your goal is to be the last survivor and climb to the top of the leaderboard. And you can show off your achievements to your friends to challenge them.

Pixel Gun 3D MOD APK – Online multiplayer FPS gameplay

This game will impress every gamer with a well-rounded investment in many aspects. Firstly, it has more than 10 game modes, typically Survival Arena, Raid, Duo, Deathmatch, etc. And there are more than 10 minigames like Parkour Challenge, Glider, Sniper, and hundreds of missions other interesting daily. In other words, it has a lot of campaigns and missions for players with different interests. Next, this game allows you to connect with many players around the globe in survival battles and in guilds. It also offers online leaderboards for you to compete against, challenge others, and earn ranking rewards. Everything you need for a battle royale title is here.


Enjoy survival battles

After all, the core of this game is multiplayer survival battles. You will join 99 other players to participate in the large open arena with the goal of becoming the last survivor here. You will start at any point after skydiving. Next, quickly go find weapons and equipment to compete with others. In the process of searching and gathering resources, you will inevitably fight with opponents. You need to make the right decision in this situation, attack or hide. If you have enough resources and confidence, do not hesitate to a hand-to-hand fight with weapons in hand. On the contrary, if you lack the basis to win, the best way is to hide.

But you can’t hide forever because the enemy will find you on their own. The safe zone is also getting narrower, bringing players closer together. So to take advantage, first of all, you need to have enough resources, including guns, ammunition, first aid boxes, armor, and many other useful things. Next, you need to master the manipulations from moving to aiming, pulling the trigger, and using many different weapons. Moreover, you need a wise survival strategy. You need to take advantage of the environment to hide or raid. Do not ignore any help from your pet and find ways to protect your HP.


Weapons, equipment, and skins

Compared to popular battle royale games, Pixel Gun 3D is even much better in terms of items system. It possesses more than 1000 weapons and 40 other useful tools. Accordingly, you can find weapons ranging from melee to long-range such as swords, shields, chainsaws, machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, and more. In particular, you can use grenades as heavy weapons and jetpacks as moving aids. Moreover, you can find a variety of other things scattered on the map, such as gun accessories, ammo, booster items, etc. They are all useful for your survival journey.

Besides, you cannot ignore the unique skins system. Those are beautiful costumes to make your hero legendary. You can freely customize costumes and cosplay as funny characters such as Orb, Skeleton, Amazon warrior, Fire Spider, Zombie, dinosaur, and more. In particular, you can unlock funny pets from dogs and cats to dinosaurs, unicorns, etc. They can also support you in the battle for survival. So bring what you’ve got into the fray to show off to your friends online.


Pixel design like Minecraft

A special feature of this game is the square block design style similar to the legendary Minecraft. It offers friendly and colorful images but is still very real. The game’s open world is well designed with more than 100 maps and many beautiful areas. You will find it like the real Minecraft world because it is so massive and detailed. The effects of shooting, bomb blasting, slashing, and more are also very vivid. They contribute to the real explosive survival wars.

Modified MOD information of Pixel Gun 3D

  • Mod Menu
  • Huge Amount Of coins and gems
  • all guns unlocked
  • aimbot

Overall, Pixel Gun 3D is an attractive and addictive battle royale game. It can become your second choice after PUBG Mobile. Join the game and enter the multiplayer mortal arena here. You need to show your shooting talent and survival strategy to become the winner. A series of other powerful players will hunt you down in this battle for survival.

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Name ID Pixel Gun 3D
Updated On 11/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Pixel Gun 3D
Size 99MB
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New version 24.6.5
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited coins gems, all guns unlocked, aimbot
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