Psyroom: Horror of Reason 0.20 APK MOD [Free Hints, No ADS]

Psyroom: Horror of Reason 0.20 APK MOD [Free Hints, No ADS]

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Psyroom: Horror of Reason 0.20 APK MOD [Free Hints, No ADS]

Come to Psyroom: Horror of Reason to become a victim of the mad doctor’s experiment. You will have to spend a horrible night in a mental hospital. Based on that will have to face bouts of fear. They are formed in the form of monsters. Along with the appearance of sick people, serial killers, and madmen. Role-play as a character to start the adventure in the game. You will have to find a way to leave this dangerous place. Although there had never been a survivor left before. But you will have to change that, overcome the temptation of consciousness. Escape from dangerous enemies to prove skills. Here, the game is graphically built in a dark space. The same creepy activities will be recreated.

Psyroom: Horror of Reason MOD APK – Find a Way to Escape from the Psychiatric Hospital

The plot of Psyroom: Horror of Reason takes place on a dark night. Set in an abandoned mental hospital. After waking up on a surgical bed in the hospital. A psychiatrist tested you with a manufactured drug. The mind is hazy and uncontrollable. It also makes you sink into nightmares and scary dreams. Every night that passes is a horrifying experience. Like living on the boundary between life and death. Because you have to follow what the doctor tells you to do. This has rekindled your obsessive fears from the past. There is no better choice, now will have to find a way to escape. Through puzzles, activities go on a quest to regain freedom.Psyroom- Horror of Reason

Puzzles to pass in turn

The gameplay of Psyroom: Horror of Reason is puzzle-style. Based on the story introduced above. You will role-play as a character to start the adventure of survival. Search for objects in a space to find the solution. From there, complete the challenge and move on to another scene. Accordingly, the puzzle will be moved with a new activity. Through observation and suggestions from surrounding objects. Then will find the solution to continue the story of escaping from the hospital. Along with that, your puzzle skills are needed. Through a variety of factors collect information. As well as finding important objects to use for the escape. Conquer each difficult challenge, in turn, gradually completing the mission of escaping from the hospital.Download Psyroom- Horror of Reason

Collect information, objects

The process takes place in a mental hospital in Psyroom: Horror of Reason. To escape the control of the doctor’s name. It is necessary to solve puzzles to leave each area in turn. Through the activity of gathering information to unlock. From interacting with surrounding objects. Start in the room after waking up in the hospital bed. You will have to search around, through which you will see suggestions from previous patients. Combine different items to find the answer. Success leaves the room and continues the new challenge. The difficulty will increase with more complex puzzles than before. It will take more time to answer. But that’s what makes you happy. But also feel creepy, because the dark space will be simulated very realistically.Game Psyroom- Horror of Reason

Facing the monster

True nightmares are not only shown through the puzzle activity of Psyroom: Horror of Reason. It is also depicted in the form of monsters. They can appear randomly in any area. Can stand in front and will chase the ad. Or suddenly appear from behind, giving you a feeling of fear. To be able to continue the journey to escape from the mental hospital. Will have to overcome all difficult challenges. As well as against monsters when encountered. By attacking and destroying them before losing their lives. Combine your personal skills in the control process. Perform each smart action according to a specific playstyle. Try to solve the puzzles as soon as possible.Tai Psyroom- Horror of Reason

In the first person perspective used by Psyroom: Horror of Reason. Brings the most realistic observation of the environment in the mental hospital. Combining graphics in dark space, with scary gore scenes. Mixed creepy sound effects are reproduced throughout the gameplay. As well as puzzle action and confrontation with enemies. This makes people feel scared. Even according to the recommendations from the publisher. Should not be experienced by the faint of heart.

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Name ID Psyroom: Horror of Reason
Updated On 11/07/2024
Requires Android 4.4
Publisher Arleano Games
Size 48MB
New version 0.20
MOD Info Free Hints, No ADS
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