Punch Bob {{version}} APK MOD (Unlocked e)
Punch Bob {{version}} APK MOD (Unlocked e)

Punch Bob 1.0.85 APK MOD (Unlocked e)

By The Toan - 03/12/2023 (3 months ago) - 150MB
Name Punch Bob
Updated On 03/12/2023
Requires Android 4.4
Size 150MB
Version 1.0.85
MOD Features Mode Unlocked
Update 03/12/2023 (3 months ago )

From the puzzle, the theme has incorporated the element of wrestling. The Punch Bob game opens hundreds of interesting missions. Revolving around the character Bob as a wrestler. Will have to take action to attack the opponent. Aim to beat the whole to win. From there, receive attractive rewards including money and the opportunity to unlock new costumes. This is a game that uses wrestling physics effects. Play interesting and fun matches, and need to solve puzzles. With the basic combat mechanics of the action of choosing the correct attack point. Combining simple gameplay, but bringing an addictive experience. Help everyone enjoy funny entertainment moments. However, it is necessary to ensure continuous improvement of puzzle skills. To overcome difficult challenges during the game.

Download Punch Bob – Wrestling Game With Puzzle Elements

The content of Punch Bob revolves around the character Bob. Is a wrestler with a weight of 250kg. With a large appearance, even called obese. He is not a hero, nor is he an undefeated warrior. But with that muscular body will prove it to everyone. A true wrestler will need to have good skills and physique. Only then can you win against other opponents. Here, join the game to accompany the wrestler Bob. The main goal is to win the championship of the tournament. To do that will have to face many different boxers. For example wrestlers, ninjas, female wrestlers, karate fighters, robots, and even demons, and zombies. Each opponent encountered has its own style. As well as there will be many different choices to beat.Punch Bob

Gameplay, missions

Hundreds of different missions will take place according to each level of play. Each group of Punch Bob is divided into several stages. With wrestler Bob’s turn-based attack gameplay, each stage will have 6 turns. It’s your heroic companion Bob’s mission to defeat the opponent. Continue to move to the next stage, the attack will be restored. Pass each challenge in turn until you complete the stages. From there will end the combat mission on a level. Then will continue to start a new group. With increasing difficulty, more and more complex challenges will be faced. Not only the terrain is changed, but the location of the opponents is very complicated. Make it difficult for you to beat with the least number of turns. At the same time after each level won will receive a bonus.Game Punch Bob

Many ways to attack

Accompany wrestler Bob in the matches of Punch Bob. There will be many different ways to attack and defeat the opponent. Can perform the action of taking his body weight on the opponent. Precisely jump into the oil tank to explode. Simultaneously, a thrust, causes the nearby object to slam into the other opponent. Do the puzzle to jump on the control switch, and activate the saw blade so that they roll over the opponent. Or precisely drop bombs on a location where many opponents stand next to each other. Then will destroy all with a single attack. Go through levels with many different stages. Based on the objects that appear in the wrestling environment. You can use it to perform even more interesting actions.Tai Punch Bob

Lines, puzzle skills

The wrestling game Punch Bob combines puzzle gameplay. Support the line feature when wrestler Bub performs an attack action. It is possible to choose the exact location to solve the puzzle in a stage. Create a unique action to defeat your opponent. From there, win, and continue to conquer new challenges. However, after each attack, it is not possible to defeat at least one opponent. Or interact with objects used to solve puzzles. The mission will fail, which means you will have to play that level again. With each challenge more and more difficult. With more opponents to defeat than before. As well as the location where they appear in the terrain. This makes it difficult for you to complete the task. Requires puzzle skills that need to be improved.Download Punch Bob

Win in turn in wrestling matches of Punch Bob. There will be a chance to receive a large number of bonuses after a period of accumulation. Also used to unlock the costume. Changed the appearance of wrestler Bob to become more prominent. Its own unique style will make you feel excited. Besides, after each completed mission, you also accumulate a percentage of unlocking points. When 100% is enough, you will receive a special bonus. Unlock new wrestler powers for a superior attack.