Raidfield 2 9.317 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Ammo]

Raidfield 2 9.317 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Ammo]

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Raidfield 2 9.317 APK MOD [Huge Amount Of Ammo]

Raidfield 2 inspired by world history story. Open the battles of the second world war. Now, you will play as a soldier to join the war. Survival mission and against other countries’ army forces. A lot of different activities will be recreated. This game is a shooting game. Action-style construction, taking place on an open map. Can be experienced in online multiplayer or offline for free. No matter which mode you participate in, a variety of equipment is provided. At the same time, there are many unique features waiting to be discovered. However, instead of using 3D graphics to reproduce realistically. This game uses simple graphics and a cartoon style. With outstanding bright picture quality.

Raidfield 2 MOD APK – Action Shooting War To Conquer 3 Regions

Follow the story of the second world war at Raidfield 2. Open war on a large map. Play as a soldier, representing a country. You can move freely without restriction. Take various actions to implement the strategy. Fight dangerous enemies, and defend yourself against enemy defenses. At the same time will face many other difficult challenges. Mission to conquer 3 regions on the battlefield. By attacking the base, the locations occupied by the enemy. Then lower their flag and raise the flag of the country. Over time takes place in the course of the task. Fly each flag in turn in different regions. From there will win to end a match.Game Raidfield 2

Gameplay, implementation process

The process of performing missions on the battlefield of Raidfield 2. The locations occupied by the enemy are located at various locations. At the same time, they are equipped with a defense system to protect them. Any detection of intrusion from other faction forces within the operational range. They will automatically attack to stop. For example, when you want to conquer the enemy’s location, you will have to overcome the turret system. By dodging and moving closer to destroy. Although the gameplay takes place in real-time. But the game only ends when the task is completed to occupy all 3 regions. Even if time ends, the battle cannot be stopped. Instead, all activities continue. Requires your skill and strategy in carrying out the mission. Excellent completion will have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards.Tai Raidfield 2

There are 8 characters, 40 achievements, and 30 levels

Come to Raidfield 2 to role-play as a soldier. Here, according to information from the publisher introduced to everyone. The game has 8 different characters, which are soldier units. Each is uniquely shaped, with differences in appearance and military attire. Role-play as a new character to continue the combat mission. That will help you have a more enjoyable experience. However, in addition to the soldier provided at the beginning. Over time will have to unlock to have the opportunity to role-play as a new character. From the battles, the soldier can gain 40 different achievements. Those are excellent titles if the task is done well. Along with 30 levels in two forms, including private and collective. From there it is possible to demonstrate skill and strategy to every other player.Download Raidfield 2

There are 16 weapons and more than 40 skins

Unleash your attacks according to your own playstyle. Through 16 weapons provided by Raidfield 2. Those are impressively designed guns. Shown through the difference in style, color, and damage ability. With technical indicators evaluated by the system in detail. For example, sniper rifles with the advantage of accuracy when attacking from a long distance. Or the rifle will provide versatility in close-quarters situations. However, to unlock will need to use transaction money. From within the game’s store can be purchased. Not stopping there, more than 40 types of skins are also provided. Helps you customize the appearance of your character in your own style. Create a soldier with a striking style.Raidfield 2

The action game Raidfield 2 has 2 game modes. Includes online multiplayer and conquest mode. Accordingly, when it comes to the conquest mode to complete the challenges. Finish the mission with a great achievement, by winning. You will then receive a reward for the opportunity to unlock a new minion unit. Or participate in the online mode, and compete with other players. Compete with them in their shooting skills, as well as their own strategies. Find out who is capable of occupying 3 regions on the battlefield. Whether participating in any mode. Can use military vehicles of many countries. For example armored tanks, aircraft, and artillery vehicles.

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Name ID Raidfield 2
Updated On 15/07/2024
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Alphatik Inc.
Size 318MB
New version 9.317
MOD Info Menu, Unlimited Ammo
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