Red Sword 145 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Red Sword 145 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

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Red Sword 145 APK MOD [Free Shopping]

Defend the sword of justice in the game Red Sword. Follow the action gameplay built in the style of hack and slash. You will play as a hero to participate in the dramatic battle. With no support from anyone, they will have to fend off all the waves of attacks from the enemy alone. Only by destroying all of them can they win and complete the mission. This is a game published by Tatsuki and is in the action category. When you join, you can easily download and experience it for free offline. To set yourself apart from similarly themed games. The game’s graphics are designed in pixel form. With a combination of bright and sharp image quality.

Red Sword MOD APK – Battle Against Monsters To Protect The Sword Of Righteousness

Based on the content of the game revolves around the battle for survival. At the same time receive the mission to protect the sword of justice. Accordingly, you will play the role of a hero to start the journey. Take on quests in each level that unfolds in many different environments. At each level takes place a fierce battle in the arena. With no support from teammates, being alone and using the equipped sword to attack. Resist waves of fierce attacks from monsters in large numbers. The mission is to destroy them all and successfully survive to end the match. From there win and complete the assigned task in a level.Game Red Sword MOD

Challenge increases when reaching new levels

After finishing a battle and winning. Will be unlocked new levels to continue participating in the next battle. But the difficulty of the quest will increase with many changes. Will face attacks from enemies in greater numbers than before. At the same time, new enemies appear in each area at each level. Their abilities are improved, as shown in their stamina and attack. Especially when it comes to a certain stage, you still have to face the boss. This will make it very difficult for you to survive. But there is no other choice but to fight. Because only when wiping out the enemy can you protect the righteous sword and complete the task.Tai Red Sword MOD

Attractive reward system

The reward received after finishing a battle at Red Sword is gold coins. Based on the match completion time and the remaining health of the righteous sword. From there will receive the corresponding amount of money to accumulate. In addition, there is a chance to receive treasure chests. After unlocking will randomly receive more gold coins in large quantities. If you are lucky, you will also receive valuable equipment or items.

Besides, complete the task according to each certain level. You also get additional rewards with many items. For example, reaching level 5 will get 5 healing potions and level 11 will get 100 skill shards. When reaching level 18 get gold crystals to increase the collection. There are many other rewards to be received after reaching the corresponding level.Download Red Sword MOD

Hero Abilities

The hero possesses a giant sword to perform attacks on enemies. Ability is expressed through different indicators. Includes attack, max health, speed, weapon size, crit rate, and ultimate weapon activation time. Accordingly to improve stats, reduce time and increase attack, defense, and health. It is necessary to upgrade weapons and equipment to enhance attributes. From there, it will help the hero fight better in the next battles.

Various equipment

Experiencing battles will have the opportunity to collect many different equipment. Includes weapons, costumes, capes, gloves, and shoes. Each type of equipment has its own special ability, when used, will enhance the hero’s corresponding stats. For example, weapons increase attack speed and damage dealt. Or the cloak increases health and improves stamina. Besides, each type of equipment will have many options. Weapon examples include magic wands, staffs, swords, knives, and more.Red Sword MOD

The course of the battles in Red Sword. Will face many different enemies. For example scary creatures, ferocious monsters like falling, bees, or goblins. The appearance of the devil will make the fight very fierce. Accordingly, depending on the environment that opens on each level, you will have to face different enemies. The difference between them is reflected in the size, shape, and weapons equipped. Besides, after wiping out the wave of attacks from the enemy. The hero will have to fight the boss in a 1vs1 skirmish. Possesses strength that surpasses ordinary enemies. The boss makes the hero face many challenges and even lose his life.

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Name ID Red Sword
Updated On 11/06/2024
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher Tatsuki
Size 47MB
New version 145
MOD Info Free Shopping
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