Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK 6.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited money stars energy, all chapters unlocked)
Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK 6.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited money stars energy, all chapters unlocked)

Hack Scary Teacher 3D MOD APK 6.1.1 (Menu, Unlimited money stars energy, all chapters unlocked)

By HN - 30/05/2023
Name Scary Teacher 3D
Requires Android 5.0
Publisher Z & K Games
MOD Features Menu, Unlimited money stars energy, all chapters unlocked
Size 104MB
Version 6.1.1
Category Action
Get It On MOD Google Play
Price FREE
Update 30/05/2023 (3 days ago )

Scary Teacher 3D is an action game that combines puzzles. The content follows an interesting story. The story revolves around a genius and mischievous female student, along with a terrible high school teacher. Accordingly, retaliatory actions will be repeated. Make the teacher endure the scary scene in a funny and fun style. This is the revenge that the high school teacher suffers after the bad actions he caused. Join the game, you will accompany the female student. The quest to find a way to get the teacher to receive an expensive lesson. Through a lot of different puzzles according to the diverse mission system. It is necessary to complete each challenge in turn for a chance to discover new retaliatory activities.

Download Scary Teacher 3D – Action Teasing Bad High School Teacher

The story of Scary Teacher 3D is about a bad high school teacher. Specializes in scaring children and bullying his students. They even tortured them physically, by beating them if they were not satisfied. This made a lot of students feel uncomfortable. In it was a mischievous girl who had a grudge against the teacher for a long time. After learning that the person who taught her had moved to the area where the girl was living. Since then, has motivated the student to an extremely bold idea. It is to teach the teacher a lesson. Through breaking into the teacher’s house to perform teasing activities.Download Scary Teacher 3D

The big house has 15 rooms

The background of the game Scary Teacher 3D opens in a large house. Divided into 15 different rooms for you to explore. For example living room, kitchen, bedroom, and more. There are also mysterious rooms that are not yet known. Through the teasing missions are done. You will in turn find out the secret in each room.

More specifically, the open gameplay is used to recreate the landscape in the house. You can interact with different objects in each room when you enter. From there collect and use, find a way to create a teasing activity according to the task required.Game Scary Teacher 3D

The process takes place

Revolving around the bad teacher teasing activity in his own house in Scary Teacher 3D. Accordingly, the mischievous female student will have to perform a lot of different actions. It takes place at each level and will unlock new challenges after completing the mission. In each teasing level, when participating will have to do many different jobs. From the action of finding objects to teasing use. As far as observing the movement and position of the teacher. Do not let her know about your appearance. Or taking the troll action will have to be very smart. If a bad teacher catches or finds out about your teasing. From there the challenge will fail and the mission cannot be completed.Scary Teacher 3D

Diverse quest system

After completing a teacher teasing challenge in Scary Teacher 3D. Will be unlocked by the system to continue new missions. Accordingly, there are many different challenges for you to enjoy. For example, using a mousetrap to clamp a teacher’s hand. Pour chili sauce into a bowl of noodles, and place firecrackers on the birthday cake. Pour the solution into the bathtub, lock the teacher in the room, and ruin the hair. There are many other missions that will be opened one after another after completion. At each participating mission, before starting will be watched a short video. Help you see how the bad teacher’s actions will play out? Then will begin to conduct teasing actions.

Use the money to buy support items

Each mission teases once completed in Scary Teacher 3D. Will receive gold coins corresponding to the difficulty of the challenge. From there, it can be used to buy many different items. Includes birthday cake, energy drink bottles, metal objects,… and more. They are used to assist the mischievous female student in the process of teasing the teacher. Accordingly, at some point, you cannot solve the puzzle. A suitable object can be used to deceive the teacher. From there, create an opportunity for yourself to have time to conduct the teasing activity.Tai Scary Teacher 3D

MOD Feature of Scary Teacher 3D

  • MOD Menu
  • Unlimited money
  • Unlimited stars
  • Unlimited energy
  • all chapters unlocked

The difficulty of each challenge in Scary Teacher 3D will increase every time a new mission is started. With many changing elements, especially the complexity of the puzzle. Make you use your brain and observation. Along with logical thinking to combine found objects. From there can successfully tease the teacher to complete the task.

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