Slap and Run 1.6.50 APK MOD [No Ads]
Slap and Run 1.6.50 APK MOD [No Ads]

Slap and Run 1.6.50 APK MOD [No Ads]

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Enjoy a fun entertainment time in the game Slap and Run. This is a running game that combines action elements. Unlock interesting levels on many different levels. Revolving around the activity of attacking those going in the opposite direction. Occurs on a straight road. With left and right movement mechanisms to change direction. At the same time use the hand as a method of attack. Slap people and keep moving forward to reach the finish line. The game is powered by Voodoo. A developer who specializes in providing game genres with fun gameplay. In particular, the mission system is used according to the game-level theme. This game is no exception. Along with that are bright graphics, and stickman-style character creation.
Download Slap and Run MOD APK – Stickman’s Run and Slap Journey
The content of Slap and Run opens with running and slapping activity. On a straight road, taking place in many locations. With outstanding design on landscape and environment. Revolving around the stickman character in a challenging conquest. With an automatic mechanism to run forward at a certain speed. The process will take place there will be a lot of people on the road. They can stand in groups or line up vertically. Even standing alone, there is an argument going on. Or riding your bike in the direction of your run. There are many other activities that will be recreated on the road. In the role of stickman characters, the mission is to attack them. By slapping directly when moving over. Incorporating left and right direction control mechanisms. From there, choose the way to play to achieve the best results.Slap and Run
By level of play, achievements
As introduced at the beginning of the game Slap and Run. About the mission is designed according to each level of play. Outstanding features of the games provided by the publisher Voodoo. Here, participate in the racing level to conquer the challenge. Do the act of slapping others on the run. Head to the finish line to make a decisive slap. Throw the last person on the scale away. Based on the coefficient, the score is divided into each ladder with increasing increments. At what coefficient does the falling position of the person being slapped stop? Your achievements will correspond to that. At the same time, each level will be rated by the number of stars, up to 3 stars. To achieve excellence with the mission of level play. It is necessary to fulfill the required conditions.Game Slap and Run
Being chased, the pitfalls
The process of the race in the game Slap and Run. A lot of interesting and fun activities are recreated. Based on the action of slapping passersby. That will make them angry, leading to the pursuit to attack. If you get caught by them, you will lose, meaning the mission failed. Besides, there are many obstacles and dangerous traps. For example, the saw blade automatically rotates to block the road. Or boxing gloves that are activated when moving over. They can be factors that put you at risk. But if you take advantage of these pitfalls effectively. Can reduce the number of people chasing behind. By moving to avoid obstacles, causing the people behind to be attacked.Tai Slap and Run
The increasing difficulty, rewards
After completing a challenge to start a new level. The difficulty of Slap and Run will increase. Many factors changed, making it difficult for you. The running distance will be longer than before. The number of traps increases even more. Randomly arranged at locations on the road. This will make it difficult to achieve excellence. But if you improve your skills, keep improving your experience. From slapping people on the street to accumulating rage points. Go to the finish line to perform a slap with all available power. This causes the opponent to fly away to the position with the highest score coefficient. You will then receive a bonus corresponding to the difficulty of the level. As well as the number of stars gained after completion. Can be used in trading activities to develop stickman characters.Download Slap and Run
MOD Feature of Slap and Run

MOD Menu
Huge Amount Of Money

Use the money accumulated from completed tasks. Stickman character abilities can be upgraded in Slap and Run. With 3 types, including stone, acceleration, and collecting. Each ability plays its own role in the run and slap process. Upgrade stones to increase attack power, sending enemies flying for longer distances. Likewise, the acceleration and collection also bring their own advantages. But after upgrading need to be aware. The amount to use for the next improvement will increase.

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Name ID Slap and Run
Updated On 07/06/2024
Requires Android 7.1
Publisher VOODOO
Size 88MB
New version 1.6.50
MOD Info Unlimited Money, No Ads
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Update 07/06/2024 (2 weeks ago )