Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter 1.13 APK MOD [High Reward, No QC]
Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter 1.13 APK MOD [High Reward, No QC]

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter 1.13 APK MOD [High Reward, No QC]

By The Toan - 25/12/2023 (4 months ago) - 100MB
Name Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter
Updated On 25/12/2023
Requires Android 5.1
Publisher OK Games
Size 100MB
Version 1.13
MOD Features High Reward, No QC
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Update 25/12/2023 (4 months ago )

Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter is an action game combined with shooting elements. The setting opens up a fantasy future of an alien invasion. Human civilization is on the verge of destruction. By suffering fierce attacks from spaceships controlled by aliens. As a pilot of the special forces specializing in space missions. You are assigned by your country to control the spaceship against the terrifying forces of outer space. Accordingly, they will face many difficult challenges, even at the expense of their lives. But there is no choice but to do it, because only by attacking and destroying the enemy can the world be protected.

Download Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter MOD APK – Operate Spaceship Against Alien Forces

Ready to participate in the wars in space. Carry out the mission to stop the alien enemy force. Accordingly, you will control the spacecraft to fly into the galaxy with the goal of shooting down all enemies. Adopt an intuitive control mechanism to operate the spacecraft. Tap and swipe to dodge attacks from enemies. Simultaneously fire accurate bullets to cause damage, to shoot them down. Based on automatic movement and attack mechanism. The spaceship will fire unlimited bullets during the flight. At the same time will automatically move forward. At the same time during operation, you can also glide quickly thanks to the jet engine. From there, deploy the right strategy for the situation to survive.Space Invaders- Galaxy Shooter MOD

Quests by level

Follow the story of the game to carry out the mission to protect the world. Through levels of combat that take place beyond the galaxy. At each level opens a fierce skirmish. From a third-person perspective control the spaceship flying in space. Dodge enemy fire and do not directly collide with them. Simultaneously attack accurately and quickly to shoot down enemies. Over time, shoot down waves of enemies in turn until they wipe them all out. Successfully survive and end the battle. Then complete the quest in a level and get the reward.Game Space Invaders- Galaxy Shooter MOD

Different levels

Through the battle levels at Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter can choose different levels. In order from easy, medium, and difficult. You can choose the desired level to perform the mission to protect the world in each level. But you need to pay attention to your own skills and experience. Because of the difficulty level, the fight will be extremely intense, making it difficult for you to wipe out the enemy. But at the same time, the rewards and trophies obtained will be much larger. On the contrary, the easy level will be suitable for new players. It is possible to get acquainted with the gameplay mechanics, as well as improve the ability to operate the spacecraft. From there as a stepping stone to go to higher levels with difficulty levels.Tai Space Invaders- Galaxy Shooter MOD

Collect coins and equipment

The course of the war against alien enemy forces. Operating an attack ship and destroying them will have the opportunity to receive many different items. Includes gold coins that drop randomly in large numbers to collect. Or support devices to enhance the combat capabilities of the spacecraft. For example, increase the number of bullets fired at each fire, increase the rate of fire. Get support from drones and improve attack firepower from support planes. Besides, it is also possible to receive defensive shields to create armor, helping the spacecraft to be protected for a certain period of time.

Various missions and achievements

From level-based battles, there are also many different tasks to perform. In each battle will be given 3 specific requirements. For example, wipe out the enemy, win, and finish the mission with a minimum remaining health of 85% or more. Or complete a level, successfully shoot down the boss and ensure the remaining HP from 80%. There are many other missions that will be opened when coming to the next battle. At the same time, achievements at each level will be evaluated by the number of stars. Each star will correspond to a given mission. Accordingly, you can achieve up to 3 stars if you successfully complete a mission in a war.Download Space Invaders- Galaxy Shooter MOD

At Space Invaders: Galaxy Shooter there are many different spaceships. They are uniquely designed with component parts. It can be easily seen through the style, the head, the body, and the color. The ability of each spaceship is shown in firepower. For example, fire bullets, laser beams, electric beams, and many more. At the same time can also be upgraded to enhance combat ability. Besides, it is also possible to unlock support ships. They will follow the spacecraft throughout the flight.